Mount Rainer National Park

The word majestic, is uttered when witnessing Mount Rainer, from a distance and again up close. Awed by its presence, I imagine indigenous people describing their visual to others in their community. The Puyallup Tribe is launching a new effort to rename Mount Rainier giving it back its original name — Mount Tacoma, or Mount Tahoma.

Mount Rainer National Park

The entire park is an incredible sight with its peak above fourteen thousand feet, with ecological regions with designated campgrounds within old growth forest covered with moss. The visual is so captivating I forgot to photograph the sighted beauty.

A park road gives access to the base of the mountain with stunning views and hiking and backpacking trails of thousands of miles. By automobile, I toured the southern region of the park from my base in Packwood WA.

There are of course wildlife and although my return in a week will have me touring the park in detail, I will seek those elusive animals and photos of my happy place.

Deer fawn

Wild life enjoying their happy place, posing for photographs.

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  1. How is the smoke from the wildfires?

    1. No smoke during my visit.

  2. Mesmerizing clicks!

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