The fishing pier at Leesylvania State Park In Virginia.

Photographic locations capture my eye, and the destination can always be an inspiration to capture the image during a sunset or sunrise.

Leesylvania State Park is located in the southeastern part of Prince William County, Virginia. The land was donated in 1978 by philanthropist Daniel K. Ludwig, and the park was dedicated in 1985 and opened full-time in 1992.

I once lived and worked in Prince William County for many years, and when Leesylvania State Park was being developed, I was fortunate to watch as the park was created.

I love any pier to walk on above any large body of water; the further out, the better. I’ve visited many fishing piers, including the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Fort Myers, Florida, and many others. So, I noticed a landscape photo of the Lessylvania State Park fishing pier. I wanted to capture a similar sunrise photo.

Sunrise at Leesylvania State park fishing pier r

So many photographers use wide-angle lenses to capture the image distorting the length of a pier.

The image above captured my attention, inspiring me to venture out in the dark to photograph my take of sunrise at this location. When I arrived, I was shocked at the pier’s smallish length and realized I was inspired by a photo painted and resized in post-production.

Needless to say, I was a little disappointed when I witnessed the length of the pier, but I love early morning rises before the roads are filled with hurrying drivers along interstate 95 for a thirty miles ride to capture an image.

I won’t criticize any other photographer; I just keep my captured images natural with little post-production makeup.

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2 thoughts on “Landscape photography of a pier.”
  1. Should read a thirty mile ride, not 30 I know being a writer myself, you won’t be offended by me pointing this out. Marty, I am a little surprised you never respond to my e-mails especially since we were neighbors.
    I had a nice visit with Carol the other day. I just had a knee replaced June 6th so we had a lot in common.
    Speaking of sunrises and sunsets, I try to always view one or both each day because they remind me of the beauty God paints in the sky each day for our pleasure. No matter what is happening in our lives or the world, our Lord splashes a beautiful beginning for us each morning and a beautiful ending each evening for our pleasure.

  2. Ahhh – totally agree! Angles in photography can create an illusion. I like both sunrise photos of the pier. Beautifully captured.

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