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Golden moments of a day.

The beauty for the beginning or end of a day.

Images of golden hours I have captured

Over the past seven years of travel, I discovered my spirituality is being surrounded by nature, either walking along a trail or looking out from my RV window upon a forested area.

A Washington State coast sunset. Olympic WA

My soulful moments are knowing my personal presence is silent upon where I stand understanding to appreciate my personal satisfaction without boosting, remaining happy within myself. I smile. 😃

Sunset at East Totten Campgrounds ND sunset.

The moments of any day with time to reflect upon one’s life’s present, and future, becomes the beauty for the beginning or end of a day.

So, choose your moments to breathe deeply, relax, and enjoy the golden hour of your day.


Moments within time

Moments within a day

Moments within a life

Moments to consider

Moments for all

Moments to reflect

Moments to slow down

This moment is personal for you.

Poetry by M. J. Good-Leake

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