End of the Year, 2022

I wish all my readers worldwide a humble, healthy, safe time as the end of 2022 approaches

Image created by the author.

I have done a lot this past year of 2022 that I have yet to write about, primarily because I’m still learning to divide what I want to share on my website.

I have day hiked and backpacked and yet written nothing about those experiences.

This year I ended my social media connections with Facebook and Instagram, primarily because of the time social media takes away from my creative writing, backpacking, and day hiking, which I will write about more in 2023.

Over time I discovered corporations commercially targeted me based on my friend’s clicks along with whatever links I viewed and discovered. My remaining social media connections are Twitter, which may go by the wayside soon, and I will keep using Youtube.

I’m settling into a writing routine reminiscent of my days as a beach bum in Fort Myer, Florida. (I will write more details of my sadness about the hurricane devastation caused to what I once called my beach playgrounds .) Because of my nomadic traveling with a new RV, which I nicknamed “Foxy,” with slightly larger amenities upgrades from Maxey, my previous RV in the photo below.

Image captured by the author along Sanibel Island FL.
Image captured by the author along Sanibel Island, FL.

My previous travels have taken me into writing communities that are as vibrant as any major city. I will only mention regions as I don’t want hordes of people over-running my quaint finds. 

Arizona and New Mexico have particular areas with a uniquely vibrant energy that inspires creativity. 

I love Oregon and Washington State in particular, with both having incredible writing fellowship communities. 

I will list Northern Minnesota and Vermont as particular locations I have previously written about over the years that have sparked my creative thoughts.

And last but not least, my home base state of Florida, along with St. Louis, MO, my birthplace, is a surprise as a diverse and dynamic writing community.

So, as the 2022 holiday season continues, I am settling into contentment beyond imagination, wintering in the southwestern deserts of Arizona.

I wish all my readers worldwide a humble, healthy, safe time as the end of 2022 approaches, with the 2023 horizon brightening to full fill your dreams and desires.

Responses to “End of the Year, 2022”

  1. Willow Croft

    Happy Wintering!

  2. Eileen

    Wishing you a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and Happy Travels for 2023

  3. pamwood819

    Blessed Advent and Merry Christmas to you!! Sending love and best wishes for an amazing 2023!! Stay warm! Remember you are loved!!

    1. Expedition Overland Nomadic Adventurer

      Hey, Pam, you stay warm in Fl during this season of love, family, and joy, and may all your dreams, hopes, and desires come true during 2023 and beyond.

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