During the month of January I attended the 2023 Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, also known as the “RTR.” It is an annual gathering in the desert lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, also known as “BLM.” The vast area surrounds the town of Quartzsite, AZ, with a population of twenty-seven hundred permanent residents.

But between October -March, with several dozens of events and gatherings, the population grows to over a million RV’s, Vans, converted school buses called Schoolies, and car campers arriving to attend events like the Quartzsite Miners Jan 6-22, the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous Jan 13-23, the Quartzsite RV show Jan 21-23, and the Skoolie palooza Jan 23-29.

When I attended the opening day of the RTR, I met several Youtube celebrities I have followed for years. The image below is of Carol whose Youtube site Glorious Life on Wheels, is one of the celebrities I met. We walked around the ground looking at the many different types of rigs people have designed and built for their use. She is quite the celebrity with everyone stopping to speak with her about her site and the interviews she has conducted.

Carol, Youtube celebrity, Glorious Life on Wheels

I truly enjoy attending these events to see the latest trends, meet people, and fellowshipping with friends not seen over the past year. Carol told me her group were camped in an area called Plomosa RD. She was really occupied with fans so I planned to catch up with her later in the day.

I drove to the area to visit her, but she was away from the campsite so I continued past and discovered the largest group of African-Americans nomads about 200-yards away.

I discovered they are loosely organized group who met via a Facebook community of RV’ers, privately built Van owners, and SUV car campers. who met in the desert lands of Quartzsite, AZ. The entire group shares a love of the nomadic lifestyle and their, fellowship, was phenomenal.

There were several days of incredible dinners cooked and enjoyed with joyful glee and happiness. Although I have transformed towards becoming a Vegan and Vegetarian, I was tempted by the chicken-wings cooked. I want to thank Val who assisted me in passing on those the evening they were cooked. The Friday night Fish Fry, was exceptional along with the Pasta and salad on the third meal.

I have built friendships that will last forever surrounding their RVs, Vans, SUVs, and hiking while living the nomadic lifestyle. I enjoyed the company of several dogs who satisfied my dog-fix. Bella, was my favorite along with Stallion in the third photo. The two in bottom center are adorable and at night their fur-baby father Vernon, place glow in the dark neon collars.

I spent the month reminiscing and reflecting on my past 40 years, of traveling and other than the National Bikers Round Up event I attended in North Carolina in the 1990s. This was the largest gathering of African-American fellowshipping a shared love of being outside and traveling.

Carol of
Glorious Life On Wheels

Mae of
Vanna Mae

Tristan of

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4 thoughts on “Rubber Tramp Rendezvous 2023”
  1. Hopefully we will make it out there some year.

  2. Awesome post! I didn’t make it to the RTR but, I have still have enjoyed my first time here on the west coast. I have met some incredible people and heard some wonderful stories 😊

  3. We were just there too!

  4. Thank you big brother Marty for all your hard work, great stories, inspiring conversation, and let me not forget these awesome pics around the camp fire. Oh wait and not to mention the delicious food you cook and shared.
    RTR 2023 was great many nice and different builds RVs, vans, and cars truly requiring the owners personal touch to make it their own.
    Hope to see everyone 2024 same time, same place for more good laughs, good food, good fun, with good people.
    Much love to all Black Folks do Camp be blessed 💘.

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