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My first months after taking possession of my 2nd RV, I joined the membership organization Harvest Host who offers free overnight camping at over 4332+ Host locations in forty-eight U. S. States, Canada, and Mexico. The destinations include wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms of every type, golf courses, museums, churches, various attractions, and destinations.

On Friday March 10th, 2023, I began a five-day road trip touring Harvest Host destinations covering 70 miles from Deming, NM, to Anthony, TX.

My first destination was Boogies Breweries and distillery, where I fellowshipped with nine other RV’ers, enjoying incredible dark beer and bar food. The business will attract locals, but the night’s surprise was the Coconut Rum, which is distilled on-site.
The flavor was smooth and tasteful, and on a scale of 1-10, I rate the Rum at a 9, which I bout a bottle for the road.

My second stop was 4.9 miles away at the family owned D. H. Lescombe winery and tasting room. This tasting room’s interior was beautifully decorated, along with outdoor seating.
The level parking lot was leveled, with a quiet night was enjoyed.
Six other RV’ers arrived, and we closed down the tasting room.
I enjoyed the Cab-Sangio the most out of the wine flight I purchased, accompanied by cheese and crackers.

By, Sunday, March 12, at 11:00 am, I traveled 61-miles eastbound on I-10 towards my next Harvest Host destination Rio Grande Winery in Las Cruces, NM.

When I arrived in the early afternoon, the parking lot had two RV trailers and two van type RVs. I parked Foxy, and walked inside to meet the manager and they were busy.

I returned to the RV for a quick afternoon nap; it became an embarrassing awakening to discover it was midnight and the business was closed.
I believe my past two days of alcohol consumption caused my body to rest, knowing I had more destinations left for my beer and wine tour.

My next stop was La Vina Winery 23 miles south in Anthony, NM, and they offered 30-amp service for $10.00. I was treated warmly by the host, who provided wine tasting along with wine jelly, crackers, and cheese. La Vina has stables nearby with horses available for riding, as pictured above when they stopped to purchase several bottles of wine.

I was accompanied by another Harvest Host couple from the suburbs of Flint, MI, who were enjoying their first year on the road. We fellowship for several hours on a beautiful afternoon, trading RV travel stories.

The last stop of my tour was Ice Box brewery-Picacho Brewery & Taproom. They have several locations in the Las Cruces region, and I was impressed with their Stout beer, a basket of fries, and pretzel.

As I drove west towards Deming, NM, to prepare for the hiking season, I thought of my touring locations. I would love the opportunity to travel freely, knowing Harvest host destinations are available for tasting and experiencing.

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  1. Great photos. Looks like it was alotbof fun .

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