Depression and Denial, Denial and Depression,

Knowing tragedy, sadness, and depression’s aftereffects has taught me pearls of wisdom. I am doing what’s proper, breaking life’s routines’ accepting a loss, and learning to live without.

Several weeks have passed, with warranty repairs being completed on Foxy, the RV, which has brought a sense of sadness. Filling the time has led to travels to capture photographs of wildlife, insects, and flora compensating and adjusting to my time.

Parts have arrived to be installed, and my happiness horizons are, crescendoing to a shining brighter day of taking possession and moving along the roadway.

Sadden melancholy is a part of life’s journey, with patience and wisdom to heal.

Depression and Denial, Denial and Depression, Knowing what happiness is within our hearts becomes vital in learning to appreciate our joys and wisdom.


Response to “Patience = Wisdom”


    Happy traveling. We follow the birds as well om road trips especially the sandhill cranes.

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