This time last year I was in Key West Fl where I was exposed to the wonderful world of creative artists. I call it my creative summer of exploring the incredible talents of artist across all fields of creativity including writers, photographers, painters, poets and a large floor foot peddle loom weaver. These amazing artists expanded my perceptions of the arts so much I completed my … Continue reading “Paint”

Realizations of a Travel Writer.

Several days ago, I wrote separate responses for WordPress daily word prompts for the words “stubborn,” “praise,” “muse,” “crave,” “profound,” and “apology.” As I formulated my thoughts, I recognized the calm, peaceful, and relaxed feeling of absolute happiness within me that had me reflect upon and contemplate why? As a child, my parents, teachers, and friends told me, I was hyperactive, I needed to slow … Continue reading Realizations of a Travel Writer.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Muse.” What subject keeps you coming back? This week, show us your muse. Photographing sunrises and sunsets in Key West Florida is my muse, along with the writers an especially an exceptional painter Pam Hobbs who has open my eyes to the creative arts community of Key West. I have joined several of the Photo101 daily prompts and … Continue reading “Muse”