“Two, Gulf of Mexico morning horizons.”

The Gulf of Mexico has two horizons for me as seen from Galveston Texas sunrise December 2016, windy cold. Fort Myer Florida November 2015 sunset, lazily warm. Sunrise or sunset each has a perspective from either coastline as seen in these photos do not reveal the temperature differences. WordPress photo challenge Continue reading “Two, Gulf of Mexico morning horizons.”


The word candle conjures up many thoughts of how the candle for hundreds of years was used to light the night. The gas lantern threatened the candle industry until Edison invented electricity and both were history or so we thought. Until, scented candles became the rage especially around my house during the holidays. I love the apple-cinnamon or apple spice smell around the house during … Continue reading “Candle.”

“The South”

  Many locations in the US south like the above morning sunrise photo taken in Tavares Fl with morning temperatures in the mid 70’s are considered warm temperate zones, but, mother nature can bring a chill to certain parts of the US South. With hurried excitement, I recently left Southwest Florida to begin my travel blogging nomadic lifestyle when mothers-natures weather decision of cooler temperatures … Continue reading “The South”

Photo101; Day Ten: Mystery & Lighting Effects: “Silhouette”

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Silhouette.” Day Ten: Mystery & Lighting Effects. I share an image that creates a sense of mystery. I manipulated the sunset light to create a particular effect to cast shadows and highlights to create a moody image. Photography 101: The Quality of Light Photo101 Day Ten, Mystery & Lighting Effects Continue reading Photo101; Day Ten: Mystery & Lighting Effects: “Silhouette”