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“Astonished tantrum.”

I have witnessed unbelievable angry tantrums by toddlers, children, teenagers, and adults. But, during an incredibly beautiful wedding, I watched as a 5’4″, 180-pound, grey-haired woman, with red lipstick, crimson rouge applied to her cheeks appearing to be in her late eighties was slowly escorted into the church on the arm of who I later learned was her grandson. She used a cane painted blue … Continue reading “Astonished tantrum.”

“Christmas Folly & Martyr.”

Robert Avenell; During Thanksgiving dinner, the Avenell brothers were enamored with an old 1950’s Sears & Robuck catalog their Uncle Rosco brought to the holiday dinner. The catalog was a great talking item, and the boys soon discovered all of the toys in the book, along with the guns they sold. The Avenel brothers’ mother forbade her sons David age 13, Devin age 11 and … Continue reading “Christmas Folly & Martyr.”

“Treasured Christmas Gifts, Short Story #3.”

It’s has been two days since Jeffery and Jacqueline consumed three bottles of Advent wine and ate four boxes of Advent calendar chocolate candies. But, with the Christmas tree decorated, the Christmas shopping completed, and the Christmas Cards mailed. The Leahman family enjoys their Christmas evenings a lot more listening to holiday music and touring Christmas festival and lights shows in the surrounding communities. So … Continue reading “Treasured Christmas Gifts, Short Story #3.”

“Happy Endings”

Tell us about something you’ve tried to quit. Did you go cold turkey, or for a gradual change? Did it stick? In the early 1980’s, I was in the Army, and  I controlled my addiction by committing twenty dollars a paycheck to fulfill my desires. There are times; I would spend the entire allotted twenty dollars at one time, causing me to suffer withdrawals until … Continue reading “Happy Endings”

“Out of Reach, Until I’m Older”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Out of Your Reach.” Was there a toy or thing you always wanted as a child, during the holidays or on your birthday, but never received? Tell us about it. As a child growing up, I remember looking through a Sears Roebuck catalog making my Christmas wish list. I was age 9 or 10 when I made my … Continue reading “Out of Reach, Until I’m Older”