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“Vaguely bestowed history.”

Ms, Charlotte Wetzler, was seated on the main stage, looking out upon well over 500-hundred guests who are her former students and the recipients of her 42- years of teaching eight and ninth grade American and World history. Accompanying the stage with Ms. Wetzler are members of her school’s administration, School board members, politicians and the master of ceremonies along with the keynote guest speaker … Continue reading “Vaguely bestowed history.”

Betrayed and frantic, I think not!”

Since Feb I have enjoyed and settled into the Florida warmth, and because of cold temperatures, I used my backpacking pants’ less than a week. As March winds to an end, my mind repeatedly drifts to traveling the roads in the vast western US and hiking/backing treelined canopy trails. Although my focus has been to complete a short story novel for self-publication my various editors … Continue reading Betrayed and frantic, I think not!”

“Travel guts: A special mode of travel.”

For over forty years I have traveled around the US for which my family and friends were astonished by the journey and marveled at the destinations completed on a motorcycle. My mother, forbid me to tell her when, or where I was going but demanded I call her immediately upon my returned home. Adventure travelers use various modes of transportation for their journey. But, one … Continue reading “Travel guts: A special mode of travel.”

“Legendary Inheritance.”

Fifteen years have passed since international Dodgeball star Lucas Leonard Lopez was seen on the court. However, his eldest son Lewis Leonard Lopez has followed in his father’s footsteps playing Dodgeball and graduating from his father’s alma-mater Potemkin University where he has led the Dodgeball team to four NCAA championships. The young phenom has chosen to forgo the international Dodgeball draft and became a walk-on … Continue reading “Legendary Inheritance.”

Forgetful RV’ers

Jim aged 87 and Mathew, age 89 are retirees from Florida and have been full-time RV’ers for the past twenty years. Late one night they are seated around a campfire in Mesa AZ when their discussion turns to when they plan to turn their keys in for a sticks or brick home in a senior community. Jim: A couple of months ago my wife asked … Continue reading Forgetful RV’ers

“Plead the Fifth”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Plead the Fifth.” What question do you hate to be asked? Why? When I retired, many people would state, you retired young and some would ask, how did I get to retire so young? Since most of the questions were coming from fellow retirees in the 70’s and 80’s who only recently retired within the last five … Continue reading “Plead the Fifth”

Retirement Lifestyle; What to do

Many retirees work their entire lives towards and arrive at the date and age of retirement, seeking time to do nothing, travel, or quite frankly get the hell away form the stressful mundane rat race or the hamster wheel of life. This is a pivotal time to seek out and determine what your heart and soul truly wants and needs. Retirement is also a time … Continue reading Retirement Lifestyle; What to do

Home Sick

Recently I returned to VA and attended my daughter’s college graduation which was an incredibly wonderful time. I reconnected with family and friends, catching up on current events which are always a beautifully time and opportunity. The following day I realized I missed my daily routine of SW Florida, of a morning walk, riding my bicycle, a morning visit to a local Starbucks and most … Continue reading Home Sick