I recently visited and tour Key West Florida and attended events at The Studios of Key West a local art gallery with studios for the artists who live in town.

I was truly impressed with every artist as they exhibited and expressed their passions while describing their particular craft or finished work.

My interactions inspired my creative thoughts and passions as a writer and photographer. I Googled the word “passion” and the search results produced hundreds of sites, offering definitions, quotes, ideas on how to search for, find and discover a passion. I have developed my list of ideas to discover a passion based on research and my life experiences.
“Ideas for discovering your passions”

1) Do not permit money to become the motivator of your desired passion.

2) Research a curiosity or desire, no matter how small or large it is. If you can dream about it, it can be carried achieved, simply Google the subject matter.

3) Recalling your childhood dreams, is an excellent way to discover a passion. “I did and yes there is a company offering the opportunity for me to ride a horse across the US, and yes, I Googled and found it.”

4) What passionate subject could you read several dozen books about without becoming bored? For me, it continues to be reading about writing. And yes, I have several dozens more books to read.

5.) What passion would you consider receiving very little pay or no pay?

6) What passion would you consider if all of your basic financial worries were cared for?

These are just a few, yet, discovering a passion is a journey, most likely not paved in gold with money or celebrity status.

I believe you will know when you have found your passion.  Hopefully, it will fill your soul with an inner peace, drenched with a desire to be involved in performing or working with your passions every day.

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