“One Love”

The universe is telling me to focus on love. What is it saying to you?

Oh, how the spring of the year brings two birds together with love and commitment. The dutiful male Osprey is patiently looking out towards the Gulf of Mexico’s breakfast buffet of fish.
While the female Osprey rests comfortably upon the unhatched eggs, knowing breakfast will soon be served.

Two eggs have hatched!

Click this Osprey Cam link, to view the beauty of nature.

The nest in the photo above is wooden, and the nest in the camera is metal. The male Osprey manages two nests. One love two nests.

One Love Photo Challenge




  1. Are you a Floridian? I notice you referenced ospreys which abound near my home in southwest Florida. Also, you’re a kayaker? I’m getting ready to buy an inflatable to take camping with me. I’m usually solo and can’t load & unload my regular kayak by myself anymore. Let me know if you have any experience with inflatables. I’m enjoying your blog.

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    1. Hey, Jodi, I’m a Floridian from Northern VA, thirty miles south of DC. I’m a kayaker, and I fish from it often.

      There is an RV’er I follow online named Nick Russell who has a blog for RV’ers called the Gypsy Journal, and he has an inflatable kayak. Check the link about the kind he uses.http://gypsyjournalrv.com/2012/12/i-aint-scared-of-no-gators/

      I have heard him mention it several times called the Sea Eagle. Thanks for following my blog. I have researched full-time RVing​ for the past two years after moving to Southwest Florida aka Fort Myers.

      But, in less than a month I will venture north to check on my old Popup I used with my now adult kids. Based on its condition, I will make a decision to purchase either a travel trailer or 5th wheel.

      Or as a travel blogger, I may just head out with a backpack and tour Europe, either way. Either way, I will document my adventures here on this blog.

      Are you a book reader, and if so do you use the online site called Goodreads?


      1. Well, it appears we’re practically neighbors. I live in Port Charlotte. Thanks for the link to Gypsy Journal. I have a 17′ Casita Freedom travel trailer that I use for exploring. My blog was meant to be a travel journal but my everyday life seems to intrude. I’m about 4 journeys behind in my blogging. Yes, I’m an avid reader and get my ebooks from bookbub.com
        Stay in touch!


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