On December 7th, 2016 Wilber, and Joyce Borstanski will have completed Sixty-seven years of marriage. They are an active senior couple in their Southwest Florida community.

Their daily 2-mile morning walks, yoga, and Tai-Chi classes are just a few of their combined weekly and monthly activities. However, after the death of their last pet, Ceasar, a 100-pound Chesapeake Bay Labrador Retriever who died ten years ago.

They made a pact, to not take on any more pets after a lifetime of 14-dogs, 9-cats, 6-birds, 4-rabbits, (Originally two), 2-gerbals, 1-lizard, (eaten by one of the cats) and one hermit crab.

But on the day of their anniversary, they decided to take on another pet. They were excited believing their great-grandchildren, grandchildren and children would love to see them with a pet of some type.

As they stood holding hands inside the pet store, they were not sure of what kind or type of pet to purchase. But after several hours of pondering their decision, the two lovebirds settled on a pet for their active lifestyle.

One week later the happy couple stood serenely in their home admiring their new pet Gold Fish, named Oscar who occupied a twenty-five-gallon fish tank, complete with multi-colored gravel, artificial plants, Malaysian driftwood, and 4-filters. Oscar has four fish tankmates and hopefully they will live harmoniously together.

Now, they need to remember to feed them or some of the fish will be gone?


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