“Sounds of Silence.”


Many years ago I participated in a stress management class where I gathered the knowledge of learning to de-stress to live a more peaceful life.

When the teacher who taught the morning class returned after lunch and stood before the class of 30-40 adults who quieted and watched as she stood in silence for the next ten minutes staring at us.

For the first five minutes, it was nerve racking, and I felt uneasy until we all settled into the calmness of pure silence. This was my first time experiencing any form of quiet since I was in kindergarten class when I took afternoon naps.

My motorcycle became my de-stressor bringing me complete joy and happiness. However, it was many months later for me to appreciate the essence of silence when on a motorcycle ride, I stopped at an overlook along Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah Valley of VA.

I was consumed with the sounds of silence to hear nothing while feeling the gentle wind blowing against my skin calming my essence with the sounds of silence.

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