Thoughts of travel stirs my restless soul

A mature wisdom-filled twelve-year-old

Scotts Bluff National Monument

My childhood imaginations inspired by westerns movies, encyclopedias, wilderness shows, and National Geographic magazines to travel beyond the confines of my mid-west city.

Arches National Park

Many’s decades ago, in a mid-west city, I stood in my childhood backyard, bicycle by my side dreaming of the thousands of miles away where I currently stand.

Arches National Park

Now retired, my passions have creshendoed to unleashed my travel desires upon the open road before me to anywhere.

John Muir National Monument

My past years of travels were tests to the possibilities broadening my creative imaginations, expanding my travel dreams far beyond my childhood dreams.

John Muir National Monument

Now aged and matured, my childhood innocent curiosity to wander has survived into adulthood to explore lands afar. 

Arches National Park

My interests to never be quenched living upon a planet with endless natural beauty, ethnic, and cultural diversity, encompassing every ecological, geological, to every geographical destination. 

John Muir National Monument

My travel journeys continues to unfold and broaden my imaginations, with the ability to travel forever, merely on creative curiosity.

Arches National Park

I’m, a mature wisdom-filled twelve-year-old, keys to a car, favorable finances, and an open road before me. 🙂

Responses to “Thoughts of travel stirs my restless soul”

  1. DeniseBalog

    May you be blessed with good health, safety and well-being in all your travels. Your living the dream 😊

  2. ourcrossings

    Forever on the road and forever on the move is one of the best ways to celebrate life and everything it has to offer. Most of my childhood imaginations were inspired by the classic adventure books I read back then. And I was glad to finally be financially independent and organize my real life trips. Thanks for sharing, redwood photos are absolutely stunning 😊 Aiva

    1. Expedition Overland Nomadic Adventurer

      Thanks for th response. My travels inspires the chracters I write about in my short stories

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