traveling during 2020, what a year!

The evolution of movement and transportation began with walking

The evolution of movement and transportation began with walking, paddling water, horseback riding, and sailing an ocean. In every form of travel carrying the necessities of food, water, and possibly a weapon for protection has always been part of travel basics.

Centuries ago the world populations settled into an agrarian society, but human curiosity and wonderment moved many to see what was over the next hill, in the valley’s, across the shore from a lake, or imagine what was on the other side of the ocean.

Travel has long been fueled by curiosity. The tales of previous travelers speaking of sights so fascinating words cannot describe their beauty. Still, your imagination and presence to achieve the appreciation to witness the magnificent beauty that abounds during the journey and upon arrival.

My travel imagination was ignited during the 1960s with television shows like Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom, encyclopedias, and National Geographic magazines I viewed at local libraries, believing one day I would travel to far-off places.

My first significant travels began by motorcycle, and my first of the wonders of the world was the US National Park tour of the Grand Canyon in 2006. When I stood at the canyon’s north rim, I tried to imagine indigenous people’s first impressions and thoughts. I gazed upon the majestic beauty with the only expression of WOW!

Whenever I travel westward along the major interstates and secondary roads, my mind wanders trying to imagine the natural grasslands growing 5ft tall, or more only interrupted by wildlife and herds of thousands of Bison. As I approached the Rocky Mountains in the 150-100 miles in the western sky, I’ve tried to imagine what it would be like on horseback.

Centuries removed from my nomadic ancestors, I travel with the modern convinces of a temperature controlled four-wheel drive vehicle, pulling and a tear drop trailer with every amenity of a home. My comforts are well beyond any imagined idea my ancestors would or could have ever imagined.

I have the ability to isolate and hibernate away from large crowds during a world pandemic, which I will possibly not be able to become vaccinated until the spring of 2021. When I consider the stressful issues my ancestors traveled,

The settlers who traveled across the priaries walk as the horses and oxen pulled their wagons filled with their worldly possession taking four to five months to get to the Nevada and California boarder. It took another month or more depending on the weather to cross the Sierra Mountains, totaling six months or more from St. Joseph Mo.

Many years ago, I could cross the distance within twenty-four hours. But now firmly secure in retirement with all of the nomadic utility items available and hobby items at my disposal.

I casually saunter at a pace I have come to enjoy, to the Arizona desert social distancing from my neighbors who are between 30-50 yards away during a world pandemic unitizing social distancing protocals.

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    What great experiences.

  3. Patricia Gloria Tudor

    Missing you, my friend, envious as always of your travels and adventures. I have tried to get to Utah and Arizona twice in the last 18 months but life has interfered and caused me to set my plans aside. I am hopefully to try again next September. Take care and perhaps our paths will cross again one day.

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