I’m no hero. I acted upon instinct pulling Mrs. Harris from her car after she collided with the fence. Everyone says I’m a hero, but I don’t fell like one. I just did what I was supposed to do. People call us heroes, but we know who we are. We are men & women who know we only did what was right. We keep the … Continue reading “Instinct.”


  Capturing photographs of reflections on a lake is what sprung my amateur photographers imagination. Since the early morning bicycle rides into Lakes Regional Park in Lee, Co, Fl. I have been successful capturing photos of incredible mirror reflections that once revealed on my computer screen overwhelm my eyes. Here are recent photos from Nebraska, and Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. WordPress photo challenge The quote is … Continue reading “Mirror.”

Melody yes, Sing No!

  Everyone may not be able to sing with the voice of their favorite or greatest singers, but everyone can hum the melodies. You know the melodies of your favorite songs, and sometimes you may not know the words, but you have the timing. With the invention of the karaoke machines, many wannabe singers discover the real lyrics when they are displayed on a screen … Continue reading Melody yes, Sing No!

“Hope and the Westward Expansion Memorial”

The city of St. Louis is home to the 19-Acre Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, it is home to the Gateway Arch, the site of The Dred Scott Trail, the starting point of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and the city of my birth. Since 1968, I have toured The Museum of Westward Expansion more than a dozen times and I always imagine the millions of settlers … Continue reading “Hope and the Westward Expansion Memorial”

“My First photo competition and A New Beginning”

Last fall I entered the above photo in The Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel photo contest, and my submission won! 🙂 On April 30th, 2016, I started my traveling lifestyle as a full-time RV’er travel blogger, freelance writer, photographer, and Geocacher. Several other activities / hobbies will be reveal as my travel journey continues. My excitement to leave was overwhelming, so, when my neighbor asked … Continue reading “My First photo competition and A New Beginning”


I’m climbing the stairway northward along the interstate from southwest Florida peering into the rearview mirror I see my last morning sunrise of Fort Myers Florida. Excitement feeds my soul as I hurry along as I consider my future travels. I realize I should slow my pace to enjoy my journey. I shall not rush my travel blogger/nomadic adventurers. I take a deep breath slowing the pace … Continue reading “Stairway”


Response to WordPress word prompt “Contrast,” The contrast of the seasons, rain, snow, summer or winter, is witnessed daily in nature around the world. Nature has performed consistently throughout time producing the beauty humanity views. These contrasting forms of nature relying on one another, yet, separate in their distinction  yet, essential in its performance without taking advantage of one another, allowing humanity to survive. Nature may … Continue reading “Contrast”

Purging for a New Journey

Viewing a sunrise can reveal how significant purging and decluttering provides the clarity to appreciate the importance of memories. It has been three weeks since my last blog post during which I began decluttering and purging the past thirty years of personal items. As the process continued many wonderful memories swirled in my mind as each item revealed my wonderfully rewarding life, filled with the … Continue reading Purging for a New Journey


My response to the daily word prompt “Handwriting,” is a revised and edited version I posted less than a month ago. Enjoy 🙂 My handwriting career began in a Headstart classroom, with crayons, chalk, and number a #2 pencil. My last semester of high school, I reluctantly took a typewriting class my mother made me take. Bless her heart. 🙂 As high school sports and … Continue reading “Handwriting”


WordPress daily word prompt response to “Object.” My recent attendance at a sea shell show peaked my interest in these objects covering the shoreline during my morning beach walk. Many walks along the beach, the objects have never sparked my interest. Now when I walk, I can point out several varieties. When I notice a type within a small area a particular type, I wade … Continue reading “Object”


WordPress daily one-word prompt “Misstep”  Stumbling to the ground because you failed to recognize your shoe is untied. Leaving a restroom, with toilet paper streaming from your clothing. Texting while driving and suddenly avoiding a bicyclist. Spilling coffee onto you lap at your work desk. Missteps in life are subtle reminders to slow down and focus on the primary task. WordPress daily word prompt Continue reading “Misstep”


Response to the WordPress word  prompt “Contrast” The world commercial market is focused on the youthful between the age of 0 to thirty-five. The majority of youth joke about their elders unaware they will do unbelievably one day be so lucky to join our ranks. The belief of playing hard when you are young and living life to its fullest is never truly appreciated unless … Continue reading “Contrast”


WordPress daily one-word prompt “Flow.”  The one-word prompt “flow” brings to mind many provocative thoughts surrounding men of a certain age, and women before menopause. It can be used to identify the low-flow shower head, “Seinfeld” episode and plumbing issues in your home. In most sports, the word flow is used to describe football, basketball and hockey and baseball pitchers. In positive psychology, flow, … Continue reading “Flow”


Response to the one word prompt “Sentimental.” Most humans develop a sentimentality with inanimate objects, and I like many people have developed an attachment to my 1991 Ford Explorer. My car has become a fixture in my life and within a few weeks, my attachment to the longest relationship I have maintained outside of my family and friends will end. With 236,765.9 miles on the … Continue reading “Sentimental”