The word candle conjures up many thoughts of how the candle for hundreds of years was used to light the night. The gas lantern threatened the candle industry until Edison invented electricity and both were history or so we thought.

Until, scented candles became the rage especially around my house during the holidays. I love the apple-cinnamon or apple spice smell around the house during the holidays.

But, after several reported fires, luckily not at my home with teenagers who did not know I had changed to electric scented candles.

It is ironic how Thomas Edison invented electricity to replace gas lanterns and candles only to see electric candle and electric gas lamp makes a comeback.

The word candle also conjures up memories of the late Marilyn Monroe and Princes Diana associated with the Elton John’s song “Candle in the Wind,”

The word candle is related to different meaning, yet it still lights the night when the electricity goes out.

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  1. That’s right. When we lived in Holland, we used candles when the sun starts to set from 4pm. They are handy and useful!
    We’d also like to the the scented candle that emits and spread light.


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