“Learning. “


Learning is a desire within many people or is it?

For some learning is completed upon high school graduation yet college graduates become annoyed or discouraged when asked to learn procedures within their chosen profession.

There’s an old adage that states “you will learn something new every day up to the moment of death.”

It is believed the foundation for learning develops in the womb with the sounds of music, the tastes of food, and the emotions of the mother. I guess that’s why I still crave Ritz Crakers and peanut butter.

Before I began the headstart program and kindergarten learning was primarily a portion of my world, with an abacus, wooden block with number and letters.

Fifty plus years into our current world, people can learn and gather knowledge with access to a computer, handheld tablet or a visit to the local library.

The libraries allow free access to learning either by checking out a book, using their computers or accessing the wealth of free library information including books, magazines, and movies from your own personal computer.

Yet, with the availability of free learning utilizing technology, the missing element of learning is desire.

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Fifty is the other half.

Fifty is the middle if you expect to live to 100.

Fifty is the half century of every decade.

Fifty is an age some revere others loathe

Fifty is the age which I’m considered youthful living in Florida.

Fifty is a glass half full or empty.

Fifty is a perspective seen by fifty percent of the people who reads this blog post.

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Police Chief Charles Chapman:

Yesterday evening’s automobile accident was horrifying, and the heroic work of police, firefighters & bystanders who jeopardize their lives represent the highest standards of emergency services personnel. The bystanders represent how much of a family we are in this community. Their efforts can never be appreciated in descriptions I provide or a video for you to view the details of their heroics.

So, Mrs. Evelyn Chapman who’s life was saved, our local school teacher of thirty-five years, and my wife of forty-one years. (Coughing and tearing up)
She will explain the details and particulars about the circumstances of the accident and the heroic actions by those involved in saving her life.

Mrs. E. Chapman:

At 9:30 pm I was returning home from the middle school’s annual winter play when I lost control of my car during the rainstorm on Oliver highway. I collided with the guardrail with such force the guardrail collapsed allowing the car to go over the steep embankment.

I did not know it, but, my cars rear axle snagged the guard rail as I looked out of my cracked windshield into the canyon below.

I was seat belted, pressed against the steering wheel when I passed out from fear of my imminent death to never again enjoy time with my family, friends and especially my four grandchildren.

I was awakened when the driver’s window crack and eventually broken by Officer Schmeichel. I turned to see his face, and it reminded me of my youngest son when he was twelve years old. I later discovered he was the lightest in weight to be lowered down by a rescue harness to my car.

I immediately thought of his family with his newborn son, and told him to leave and not jeopardize his life, just say good-bye to my family and grandchildren as the car began to rock and lurch forward.

In the rearview mirror, I could see firefighters and police officers struggling to hold Officer Schmeichel. I again begged him to leave me be and not jeopardize their lives to save me as the car lurched forward again.

I continued pleading with him not to worry about me when he calmly said “mother.” We will not give up to save your life because you are going to serve Thanksgiving dinner next week. When he called me mother, I calmed down.

He opened the driver’s door, cut my seatbelt, tied straps around my waist, and under my arms. They hoisted me 75 to 100 yards to safety as I clawed at the trees and brush on my hands and knees to safety. As I approached the top, I could see members of my school and church, pulling me to safety and others holding ropes tied to my car preventing me from falling into the canyon.

Within seconds of Officer Schmeichel, climb to safety, my car tumbled over and over towards the canyon bottom breaking into many pieces upon impact.

I began to cry as I profusely thanked everyone who jeopardized their lives to save my life, and I passed out again.

When I woke at the hospital, I was surrounded by my family and friends. I told Charles, this Thanksgiving I want to provide dinner for everyone who jeopardized their life to save mine.

So next week with my four grandchildren helping in the kitchen. I will cook and serve the most appreciative Thanksgiving dinner for those men and women and their families who jeopardized their lives to save mine.

I want to publicly thank the men and women who came to my rescue. Thank you all so much for saving my life.🙂



Two years ago when I began researching full-time RVing, my idea and belief were associated with retirees or people who have checked out of mainstream society. What I discovered were the issues of internet signal coverage, connectivity, and identifying cheap, clean, RV campgrounds.

However, to my surprise, the most astonishing facts were the enormous number of adults between the ages of 20 and 40 who are full-timing. They are the youth of the RV industry.

Currently, there are hundreds of work & volunteer programs available for full-time RV’er across the US. Most of the positions are seasonal such as volunteering, working at the National Parks, and Work camper programs. The topics of jobs alone have initiated hundreds if not thousands of blog postings, online books and is the question foremost asked by the young full-time prospects.

Heath and Alyssa Padgett are a couple of youthful RV’er who recently debuted a documentary sharing their experiences of the past two years. Heath’s very successful podcast interviews are instrumental in educating the youth who are interested in the RV lifestyle as entrepreneurs.

As a retiree and young baby-boomer, some would say our best years are behind us.

However, it is the youth who are revealing how the full-time RV lifestyle is something we all share.

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Ghost away


Ok, if you are a follower of this site, you know that I have begun traveling and reporting on my locations with photos. So, this is a very personal blog posting revealing a deep fear I have kept secret from you all.

My fear of traveling this summer is the cold weather. Yes, the COLD! Any temperature below 55-degrees, I am afraid to experience. Because of my beloved Southwest Florida where temperatures in the summer average 70-degrees at 2:00 am, my blood has thinned.

On, August 19, 2016, at 1;00 pm, the temperature was 57-degrees with moderate rain falling. I wore a pair of jean pants, a long sleeve cotton shirt, socks, tennis shoes, 3/4-lenght jacket, and cap.
Because of my clothing attire during the summer, my Florida beach bum certifications and status, were revoked.

I was a little depressed but warm as I drove away from the campground en route to lunch. I would have taken a selfie, but I was too embarrassed, cold, and it was raining.

Sadly, as I entered the restaurant, I wanted to ghost away.

During the night the temperature dipped below 45-degrees. At 3:35 am, I awoke to discover, I could not feel my face. I thought I was a ghost.

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Full Moon thoughts

Photographing the western plains with clear, unobstructed views provides spectacular visuals especially the night of a full moon at sunset.

As the sun descends into the horizon with the sight of a full moon in the opposite direction provides an extraordinary visual. The sight is a wonderment of inspiration and for some, it can conjure up romantic and or tranquil thoughts.

Spectacular sunset colors fade.

Into the dark horizon

Full moon rises

Brightening the sky

Each stirs thoughts & emotions.

When a full moon rises.

What are your emotions when viewing these forces of nature?

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Scottsbluff NE


As a Nomadic Traveler, I often visit local libraries to write because it is a change of location. So, on August 17, 2016, I drove to the Lied Public Library in Scottsbluff NE to write.

As I approached the building, I exchanged pleasantries with a woman who was entering the building. As I opened the door, the woman showed me a book she and others will be discussing in a Book Club meeting. She invited me to attend, but I declined since I had some writing to complete.

Soon, after I settled into one of the quiet rooms, the librarian stopped in to invite me to attend the book club meeting and soon I was in a room with two dozen local women all of whom are all life long residents of Scottsbluff NE. I was taught never to turn down an invite by a librarian.🙂

The Librarian Jana Kehn led the discussion of the novel “The Meaning of Names,” by Karen Gettert Shoemaker, a Nebraska resident. I believed the book’s title was about the actual meaning of names. Oh, how the novel was so much more.

The story is about an ordinary woman, Gerda Vogel trying to raise a family during extraordinary times. She is of German-American descent, estranged from her parents because she married aginst their will and confronted with violence and prejudice against her people.

She lived in the midst of the worst plague the world has ever seen during the early 1900’s and yet, she must find the strength to keep her family safe from the effects of a World War that threatens to consume the entire world.

I enjoyed the lively discussion based on the novel’s style of writing, unresolved consequences to a couple of the stories characters, and because the story rests in the town of Stuart Nebraska, everyone identified with the issues of prejudice against German-American during the first and second world wars.

Most of the people in attendance are life long residents of the Scottsbluff area with their family history dating back to their arrival during the late 1800 and early 1900’s. I appreciated the opportunity to learn and understand the residents who live in the farmlands in the panhandle of Nebraska.

I have placed the novel, “The Meaning of Names” along with next month’s book, “Between the World and Me,” written by Ta-Nehisi Coates on my to read, section on my Goodreads site.

I want to thank librarian Jana Kehn in the photo above for inviting me as I enjoyed the opportunity to get to know members of the reading community.

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Husband: Speaking to himself.

I should have read the instructions before beginning and not been overwhelmed with the excitement to see a finished product.

Now, I stand, staring at a lopsided design with three extra bolts, two nuts, and one locking washer.

The instructions, provided are written in five different languages all of which I can read. I have a Bachelors of Arts degree in teaching and a master’s in education.

I’m so confused.

Husband: Yelling aloud to his wife.
Honey, Where are the instructions?

Wife: Yelling from another bedroom.
On the top of the changing table, I built yesterday, next to the baby swing you are building today.

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Because of my love of music, some word prompts spark my memory of songs from my past.

The word “Carry” immediately takes me to the 1970’s and the song Carry on wayward son, by Kansas and the 1960’s Carry on, by Crosby, Still,& Nash also brings to mind great memories.

But, because of my US Army MP experience, the phrase “Carry on soldier” was heard and used a lot by Army personnel.

However, after responding to the WordPress daily word prompt, I must carry my load and begin my writing day.

So, I will carry on!

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So, life is relatively easy.

You are born, you love parents, family friends, and caregivers

Follow the basic moral rules of life, don’t lie, cheat, steal, or harm another person or animal.

Attend school, learn lessons from parents, elders, and teachers.

Achieving levels of education, to pay bills, to quench desires of want and need. (PS: learning doesn’t stop with certificates or degrees.)

Pair with someone your heart desires immensely, produce or adopt offspring and provide them the same process you enjoyed.

Everything else is superfluous, so what complicated?



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Reach is a movement every human has completed.

However, the word reach is used more as a metaphor referring to an object or action in poetry, love letters and everyday speech as I reach for other examples to explain “Reach.”

I reached new heights in my achievements since becoming a writer.

From birth to death, we all strive to reach some form of betterment for and within ourselves.

The WordPress site has reached new heights with its platform.

I have reached the end of this blog posting.

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Obsessed, can be a passion with boundaries.

The boundaries can become askew by obsession or passion

To be obsessed is to have a passion or to have passion can be obsessive.

But, can you tell your obsession has overwhelmed the passion?

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During my adult life, luxuries are unique slices of life I passed up for whatever reasons or another. Mostly, because of children, you know they are supposed to come first.🙂

But, before becoming an empty nester, I enjoyed a unique birthday gift, from my children my first manicure and pedicure. I refused the manicure, at the time, I thought it was a bit too much as I wasn’t quite comfortable with such luxuries.

Later in the day after the birthday celebration and cake. I was seated alone on my deck, loving the feel and look of my feet. I felt a little ashamed and guilty because I lived so many years into adulthood and never experienced this type of luxury.

I recommend all men experience a mani-pedi as a luxurious treat for themselves. It’s an excellent way to bond with your wife, girlfriend, mother, and sisters.

Luxuries are for all to partake, so treat yourself and don’t feel guilty.🙂

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Realizations of a Travel Writer.


Several days ago, I wrote separate responses for WordPress daily word prompts for the words “stubborn,” “praise,” “muse,” “crave,” “profound,” and “apology.”

As I formulated my thoughts, I recognized the calm, peaceful, and relaxed feeling of absolute happiness within me that had me reflect upon and contemplate why?

As a child, my parents, teachers, and friends told me, I was hyperactive, I needed to slow down, and I needed to learn to have more patience.

Although, at that time I didn’t know or understand the meaning of the word anxious. I profoundly wanted to go somewhere at that time and now was too late. My mother’s purchase of encyclopedias helped fuel my thoughts to dream of far off distant lands to explore many miles from my Midwest hometown. I desperately wanted to gaze upon the sights I read about in those encyclopedia books.

My curious imagination swirled whenever riding along the highway in my parent’s car, or on a school field trip. I stare out the window wondering where all the connecting roads went?


As I grew into adulthood, my sense of exploring has never subsided or dissipated. However, it was superseded with career and children. During those years, I was fortunate to cross the US four times from the Eastcoast to the Westcoast on a motorcycle culminating with a retirement trip to Fairbanks Alaska.

My family and friends have always been astonished or terrified in my travels. My mother who after my first two trips required me to tell her when I returned, instead of when where and how I planned to go.

In my retirement lifestyle years, I found myself exploring areas within a one to two- hundred-mile radius of where I lived in Southwest Florida.

After journal writing and reading travel novels by the likes of Jack Kerouac, Bill, Bryson, and Paul Theroux, I discovered the world of travel writing. My soul craves and desires to explore some place new and mainly unknown to the masses.

Driving to new places allowing my eyes and brain to experience something new, releases endorphins within my body bringing a smile to my face with a great euphoric feeling.

My nomadic travels accentuate my biological senses of sight, hearing, and smell to record the memories and experiences in writing and my mind forever.


Travel is my “Muse.” Writing is my profound expression detailing what I have experienced.

Because of my stubborn impatiences, I want to apologize to everyone in my life who I have hurried along. I understand and realize I have craved travel and now praise myself on my discovery of becoming a travel writer.

WordPress daily word prompts, Muse, Profound, Stubborn, Apology, Craving, and Praise.

The Great Platt River Archway Monument


For the past two decades, I have traveled in both directions on Interstates 70 in Kansas, 80 in Nebraska, and 90 in South Dakota. Most people know of the area as America’s bread basket but, I have nicknamed it the void.

The six or eight-hour drive depending on the number of times you stop to break up the boredom of the void depends on you, however, the ride provides stunning views the vast prairie lands the first time you cross, but after that, it is just a straight line with minimum curves between two points.

On my recent westward drive along Nebraska’s Interstate 80, my view was interrupted by the Great Platte River Archway Monument crossing both east, and westbound lanes of Interstate 80, which is visible for many miles before you arrive.

The monument is a historical testament to the millions of travelers who passed through this location to destinations west of the Rockies. Thier 2000 mile walk was slow and tedious averaging twenty-five miles a day, allowing the travelers to view their past three days while viewing the vast distances ahead of them.

The walking tour with audio headphones describes the murals painted walls along with many props used by settlers from that period in American History. The impact on the indigenous populations and Slaves who followed their masters westward is also discussed.

The gift shop and tourist information located on the first floor of the monument along with an outdoor maze provides an excellent stop for families.

So, if you are traveling across America’s breadbasket or void just remember those before you and the hardships they suffered and your time along the highway will go a little easier.🙂

The Great Plat River Gateway Arch Monument  Youtube video



To succeed in life, a passionate, driven desire is unstoppable.

Discover your passion and your desire will be unstoppable.

With sacrifice and patience, your dreams will become reality, to remain unstoppable.

With every bump in the road, it develops and teaches to remain unstoppable.

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My Journey Begins


For the past three months, I have been adjusting to life as a full-time RV’er with stops in St. Louis Mo, Tavares Fl, Spotsylvania VA, Corning NY, with a return to St. Louis for a family reunion.

My first adjustment was the weather and the forty degree nights in Northern VA where my little RV was stored. Because of the cold weather, I returned to Florida to stay in Tavares FL for the entire month of May. My time in Tavares FL, include some writing, kayaking, and photography, of Tavares Lake Front Sea Plane area. The squirrel assumes I had food when he stood still for this photo.

Yes, you can call me a wimp, as my sister did when I left St. Louis the day after Mothers Day, but, my choice was a splendid idea because my campground in Spotsylvania VA enjoyed 21 days of rain along with nightly temperatures in the forties. Thank’s Weather Channel.

The month of June was spent adjusting to living full time in a small RV before starting my travels to my first destination Corning NY. I cleaned up the old Coleman Pop-up camper my now adult children, and I traveled in for many years to included a visit to Mt. Rushmore. Writing inside the screened patio and photographing the local wildlife on the lake was an easy adjustment.

I had an invite to visit Corning NY on my way to Burlington VT where I was to complete research for a novel I’m developing. However, I was side tracked with the beauty of the Finger Lakes Region. I understand why many of my Southwest Florida snowbird friends retreat to the New England during the summer to enjoy incredible summer evenings and beautiful sunsets. The below sunset photo was taken from the Pine St. walking bridge in Corning NY, among hundreds of Pokey-Mon players.


I’m writing this post in North Platt Nebraska on my way to Montana after attending a family reunion. So, stay tuned for further nomadic travel reports.🙂




The word crisis expresses the idea or belief of something urgent, and I feel the word is used for dramatic effect to garner people’s immediate attentions.

I was peddling my bicycle one day when I pass a mother and her two kids on their bikes. The two boys were using training wheels when one of the little boys, yelled, that he was in a crisis.

He went on to say he was in crisis because his helmet was too tight. As I passed, it was evident that his helmet was on backward. I thought to myself he would make a great politician.

Later in the morning, I encountered another crisis at the checkout isle of my local grocery store where two teenage girls ahead of me in line were checking out when one suddenly yelled, Oh my God, this is a crisis, I have the wrong lip gloss. She hurriedly runs for the makeup isle.

The clerk looks at me, and I acknowledged it was ok as I waited until she returned.

But the actual crisis occurred when she returned, and the two teens could not pay the total amount being short $3.38. So, I watched as they began searching their pants pockets, purses, coin purses, and shoes.

I turned to look at the four people behind me and saw the look of a crisis on their faces, so I reached into my pants pocket, pulling out a five dollar bill, placing it on the counter and yelled, crisis averted.

The word crisis is defined as any event that is, or is expected to lead to, an unstable and dangerous situation affecting an individual, group, community, or whole society.

I averted a crisis by paying the difference because the customers behind me would have caused catastrophic danger to the young teenagers who were dealing with a crisis.

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Elusive are my thoughts when writing.

Elusive is my focus when reading.

Elusive are the photos I want to capture.

Elusive are my attempts when trying to achieve what I want.

My journey has taught elusiveness disappears with persistent determination and perseverance.

Believing in what you want can be elusive and hampered by those crossing your path.

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Seeking the safety of a Sanctuary from family, friends, job, the world, or an enemy can take place in many locations.

Sanctuaries within the mind can bring inward peacefulness, essential to discovery to reveal peaceful intentions outwardly.

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Many people around the world are pressed for time, don’t have enough time, and some run out of time.

We all have a certain amount of time on this planet, yet we do not know the end time.

So, why do we rush through life towards a date and time that will come to an end?

It is said time moves slowly, yet waits for no one.

I believe time moves at a natural pace, neither slowing down or speeding up.

With the time you have today, why are you in a hurry?

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Punishment is a form of revenge for victims who suffers directly from an offense.

However, others who become aware of the offense, by sight or knowledge usually voice their opinions and desires to see some a form of punishment. Hence the statement, crime against humanity, we all suffer.

Since the beginning of time punishments have become the norm to correct certain heinous behaviors although most continue to this day.

Example: “Thou Shall Not Kill” is a part of every religion on the planet earth, yet, people still kill one another.

Over time using draconian punishments to prevent humans from committing an offense has not worked too well.

Are punishments for the victims, or those who have an opinion? So, punishments are designed for who?

Will the punishment effectively change the outlook, perception, and behavior of the person who committed an offense? For small children and especially teenagers, this can be debated forever.

When we witness the infliction of punishments onto those, who have been judged to receive punishments. Does it desensitizes our perception and beliefs allowing for more punishing ideas to be inflicted onto those in the future?

The evolution of punishment dates back to stoning to death, pushing someone off a cliff, beheading, hanging, firing squad, electric chair, and lethal injection. I assume when humanity begins traveling between planets, ejecting people into space will become a form of punishment.

So, the question remains? Punishment, is it effective, sufficient, useful, practical, competent, or adequate?

In my time I have witnessed victims forgive the offender, oppressor, and punisher which is a rare occurrence, but reveals a unique evolution of humanity.

Can we forgive instead of punishing?

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Depth is the measurement from the furthest point to another.

The depths of your love for another can never be measured, and love can last forever.

The depths of hate is measurable and revealed by its horrors are seen every day.

The depths of your faith cannot be measured, and with a loving soul, hate will be conquered.



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This morning photos near Corning NY was a wee bit chilly, or down right cold for those who are from Florida. The sun gleamed over the dark green forested mountain into the valley filled with morning mist and fog emanating from grasses and trees.

There’s a calmness in the air only punctuated by the tweets of morning birds and the occasional sound of tires rolling along the roadway in the far distance.

Standing in a wet grassy field enjoying every moment of amateur photo taking, although it is a wee- bit chilly.🙂

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My date and I enjoyed a dinner feast, discussing our live and thoughts about our future.

We decided to meet the following Saturday to attend the religious festival feast of life. We enjoyed a great time as our friendship feast grew.

We attended my father’s annual Bar-B-Que feast the following Saturday. After dessert, we shared a kissing feast behind the garage and were caught by my mother who claimed we were in love.

Six months later during the Jamaican Gumby Feast, we discussed living together permanently.

Seven months later our wedding feast was celebrated with family and friends. Now we are enjoying our honeymoon feasting on the dreams our future.

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Newborn infants, puppies, kittens, and small baby animals, are considered frail.

However, their frailty we view is their strength for life, struggling to live, learn and become one within a fragile world.

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I have driven, cars, boats, motorcycles, tractors, military vehicles in just about all fifty states of the US and a few European countries.

My love for driving is equal to my love and desire for travel, writing and reading.

So, merging all of my loves has become uncommonly smooth as a travel writer.

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As a structured life planner, I have always prepared and planned for the unpredictable, and yet the unforeseen most often takes place.

My retiree lifestyle has changed my philosophy because unpredictable is the life I lead, hence my new phrase, “My plans are like Jello,” always shaking!

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Forgetful RV’ers


Jim aged 87 and Mathew, age 89 are retirees from Florida and have been full-time RV’ers for the past twenty years. Late one night they are seated around a campfire in Mesa AZ when their discussion turns to when they plan to turn their keys in for a sticks or brick home in a senior community.

Jim: A couple of months ago my wife asked me to hang up the keys

Mathew: Didn’t your wife die over a year ago?

Jim: Oh, Yeah, but she talks to me from time to time. How, about your wife?

Mathew: I thought I saw here earlier today. But, my son called yelling that she was in El Paso TX but, I don’t remember stopping in Texas.

Jim: How is your son?

Mathew: He hid my keys a couple of weeks ago, but I paid my grand-son a dollar and a promise to let him drive the RV when he turns 16 in ten years.

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“Patience for the Storm”


Storms within the mind,
Storms of the heart,
Storms gripping the soul
Storms around you, or
Storms above.
Storms come and will eventually go away.

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Everyone’s life is a journey, whether they know it or not.

A journey for some people is considered a chore, or hindrance, preventing enjoyment of life. For others, their journey is a joyful walk in the park, enjoying all that crosses their path.

All life journeys are unique and yet similar, for it is the culminating experiences along the journey that bring forth a fulfilling life with family and friends.

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I was at my favorite coffee house when I read WordPress’s daily word prompt “Guest.” I noticed employees using direct eye contact, greeting the customers with, hellos, welcomes, thank yous, and please come again. The hospitality was verbal and visible with every customer.

What alarmed me were most customers failed to acknowledge the employees hospitality and comments. Many just stared up at the display boards trying to decide what to eat or drink.

As a guest, it is important to acknowledge the person showing you hospitality with a verbal answer and direct eye contact.

As a customer, I’m guilty of this when ordering something because I’m in a hurry. I have learned to slow down and acknowledge the time and thoughtfulness the person is showing me.

To be a guest is easy. However, it is also important to recognize the hospitality shown with direct eye contact, a verbal response, and smile.🙂

Be my guest, be my guest, be my guest!

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“Desert, which one?”


After an argument, I deserted my wife for the solitude and warmth of the desert, where I enjoyed the chocolate cake she made for dessert. When I return home with sunburned arms and face, she stated, I received my just desserts.

One word, two different meaning, add an “S,” and it becomes sweet.🙂

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The word glass has many definitions around the world, yet, its basic form, glass is a non-crystalline solid with enormously other uses.

For me, the word glass immediately brings to mind my attempts to photograph a sunrise or sunset reflecting on a body of water that is smooth as glass.

Although I should use the word mirror, I chose glass, because of the smooth texture, and clearness glass provides when all of its impurities are removed.

For centuries to present day, craftsmen engineers and designers use glass’s versatility in design, adding colors and in many different shapes.

The engineering advances of glass for telescopes, windowpanes, and the engineering marvels of glass skyscrapers along with the screen I view to type this posting, which is smooth as glass.

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Ghandi - I cannotteachviolence

During a crisis, the coward utilizing their thoughts will dismantle and shirk their honor, duty, and responsibility to whomever or whatever the cause.

Their cowardice Heart and Soul will unite their speech and actions as they walk or run away.

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The word “false,” when used in a sentence is usually in the form of a negative connotation.

The thesaurus provides many words and they all describes some of the horrors of our world; untrue, wrong, erroneous, fallacious, flawed, distorted, inaccurate, imprecise, untruth, fictitious, concocted, fabricated, invented, trump up, unfounded, spurious, counterfeit, forged, and fraudulent.

When applied to politicians, every thesaurus word is applicable, how ironic?

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Because of humans inability to see in the darkness, the human imagination compensates and creates fear and mystery of the unknown of what their eyes cannot see.

Hundreds if not thousands of stories and fairytales have been created recited based on fear of darkness.

Closing your eyes darkness does not initiate fear because opening your eyes silences the fear and darkness.

Darkness, within a locked closet, room, or in the wilderness fear may consume the mind, and no stories or fairytales are needed to initiate fear.

Such fear within the mind can overwhelm and become catatonic to the body while in darkness.

So, open your eyes to view the darkness with your mind recalling the light day because the light within the mind is brighter than the darkness around you and darkness shall pass.

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I took plenty of long-distant photo of the Mute Swan partners with their cygnet securely in between both.

A week later, they ventured to my side of the lake for a visit I believe seeking food or having their photos taken.

The Swans have lived here for some time, and their monogamous relationship has outlasted many humans. It is either true love of they cannot find others, either way, they project a beautiful and serene scene as they float along.🙂

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Death, retirement, a high school or college graduation of a child can lead to reflection of the past.

Thoughts peel away layers of life igniting and stirring emotions, similar to peeling the layers of an onion.

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St. Louis Mo.


My journey as a travel writer begins in the city of my birth St. Louis, Missouri the “Show Me State.”

On June 4, 2016, I started living full-time in a small recreational vehicle to travel the back roads of America. Before I left Southwest Florida, April 30, 2016, I purged a lot of personal belongings, to include one 4 x 3 plastic container and three, 3 x 3 plastic containers filled with personal photos, awards, and memorabilia of my last 30-35 years.

It is always great to visit my home city, filled with family and friends, touring my childhood community and old teenage haunts, but, it also provides me the glorious opportunity to consume the foods I grew up eating.

My first food excursion took place ten miles south of the city as I traveled northbound on I-55 when I spotted a White Castles restaurant on the right side of the highway. My mouth began salivating as I reminisced about one of my staple food sources from my teenage years, especially after partying till the wee hours of the morning.

During my teenage years, my friends told me, these square two-inch by two-inch burgers, soaked up the liquor after a night of drinking and partying. I was always the designated driver back in the day before the concept was established and of course, I did not consume any alcohol as a teenager.🙂

My White Castles history dates back to a time when they cost 12, cents a burger and my minimum purchase of ten was normal.

With age, wisdom and a better knowledge of healthy eating, I limit my purchases to one regular burger and one cheeseburger, small fries and water. Hey, I still get the tasty flavor while reminiscing about my youth without consuming the volume of calories. My stop was savory and quick as I pulled back onto the highway headed for St. Louis County where I deliver my personal belongings to my sister’s home.

Because it was mother day weekend, I know the rest of my favorite foods tastings would be split with my sisters as we share the similar love of the unique foods of St. Louis.

Many US cities like St. Louis have a signature food item and the “St. Paul Sandwich” is as unique to St. Louis as Gino’s Philly Cheese Steaks are to Philadelphia.

This sandwich is sold at every Asian storefront restaurant in the city and St. Louis County. (Growing up we called the storefronts the “Chinaman Shop or Chop Suey shops.”

I never knew how unique the St. Paul sandwich was to the St. Louis until leaving the city for the military. I have asked for a St. Paul sandwich in West Germany, Copenhagen, and Alexandria VA during the 1980’s & 90’s, and I would receive what the heck looks from the person I was asking.

The verbal exchange at some Asian restaurant would appear to be a comedy routine as an Asian-accented waitress repeating what I asked for and I repeatedly telling her while attempting to understand what he or she was saying. In the end, I discovered, no one outside of St. Louis had ever heard of a St. Paul sandwich.

Some years later, I Googled the sandwich name and found its origins.

Steven Yuen, the owner of Park Chop Suey in the Lafayette Square neighborhood near downtown St. Louis, is credited with naming the sandwich after his hometown of St. Paul Minnesota.

He created the sandwich as a more familiar dish for Midwestern Americans because if you put anything between two slices of bread, it can and will be eaten and I can attest to that.

The sandwich is an Egg Foo Yung pattie without the rice and gravy, between two slices of white bread with options of shrimp, chicken, beef, and pork or a mix of all meats or any combination. I like my St. Paul sandwich with shrimp, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and mayonnaise.

There are many other original foods unique to St. Louis to include the “Gerber” an open-faced sandwich, with Italian or French bread, garlic butter, ham, and Provel cheese. It is sprinkled with paprika and toasted.

Toasted Ravioli was born in the Italian section of the city called the Hill, which is a ravioli coated in breading and toasted dry or fried, instead of being boiled or baked wet.

My food history and experiences have its foundation based on my father who was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta. He was raised on wild game, including chicken, beef, pork and especially pork.

In honor of my father, whenever I return home I seek out a Bar-B-Que restaurant that serves the pig snoot sandwich. Yes, there is no need to let your mind wonder, it is that part of the pig you are thinking about.

Now, that you have connected the dots, go ahead and turn your nose up, but, it’s what I was exposed to as a child, and ate with a smile on my face and still love.

However, I limit myself to half a sandwich which I share with one of my sisters. Now, she will never admit to eating the snoot sandwich, but she won’t probably read this.🙂

My mother who did not eat this delicacy but would Bar-B-Que this unique item on the grill and my brothers and sisters would devour everything she cooked she did not set aside for my father.


Yes, it always great to visit the city with its iconic Arch and famous river that passes beneath it carrying the heartland of America’s food that eventually feeds the world. But growing up, it is my family, friends, and the food of my beloved city that makes me happy when I visit.


But, my stay in St. Louis County over the mothers day weekend was a little chilly, ok downright cold after leaving warm Southwest Florida. Since the mid-Atlantic had forecasts night time lows in the 40’s for early May and plenty of rain where my RV was in stored so I returned to Florida’s warm temperatures.

Yes, it was not that cold for those who are ok with night time temperatures below 60 degrees, but, my body needed more time to adjust to the cool temperatures as a travel writer.

So, my next posting will include Supermans home and areas of Northern Florida.

WordPress daily word prompt

WordPress daily word prompt



Autonomy is a word used by organizations in political disagreements, against countries, and independent groups rebelling against the establishment.

Autonomy is a concept found in moral, political and bioethical philosophy. Within this context, it is the capacity of a rational individual to make an informed, un-coerced decision.

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The various reasons voyages are taken range from curiosity to seeking what’s’ over the next hill, seeking adventure to explore places unknown, a pilgrimage of self-reflection and sometimes you just want to return home.

My voyage is a combination of all three. My curiosity to see what is over the next hill, to explore new places while reflecting on my past travels. But, my home is with me constantly, an actual pull behind trailer from my past I shared with my children. My 1998 Coleman Cheyenne Pop-camper.

Yes, I have begun my journey as a travel writer touring the US. My focus will center around the centennial celebration of the US National Parks. Along the way, I will visit writers groups, writers conferences, and book conventions as I explore and expand my knowledge of the literary community around the US.

So periodically I will report my voyages, and travel experiences, of the nomadic adventurer.

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Oh, how I would love to live on an island.

I was offered the opportunity to live on an island off the coast of Key West when I received a newsletter from the US National Parks artist-in-residence program asking for applicants for its residency located on the Dry Tortuga Island 90-miles off the coast of Key West Florida.

The US National Parks operates artist in residence programs in many of the parks across the country. However, the Dry Tortuga is one that requires the applicant to be a couple. It explicitly states “no single candidates.” Since I don’t have a companion, I was ineligible for the program.

I enquired as to why the program required two, and it was explained it was a safety precaution. The example being If one person becomes ill, drifts out into the Gulf of Mexico or simply vanishes hopefully, the second person can alert the appropriate authorities.

As I read the reason, I was dismayed, but my imagination conjured an entertaining mystery novel idea. Hmm?🙂

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The word burn can conjure up many ideas of the flame burning to cause injury or to warm feet around a fire. However, this single word contains so many meanings, literally and culturally.

A burning flame can destroy life with its heat melting anything in its path causing smoke to choke the life from everything alive.

When controlled and contained, a burning flame provides heat, to warm a body, cook food to providing nourishment to sustain life.

The word burn has, cultural and social applications like the phrase “burn rubber,” a car reference, “A burning desire,” which if not controlled can lead to a burning sensation and my favorite burn baby burn, which means what is says, to burn.🙂

I love the versatility of the English language because a single word like “burn” can mean so many things to so many users.

Although, if English is not your first language, the use of a single word like “burn” can be quite confusing when not used correctly in speaking.

Now, for all of my blogging friends from around the world, who use English as a second language, trying using the word burn in a phrase or a sentence and let’s see what you can conjure up with the word burn?

Post responses in the comments section below.

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“Pleasurable Reality”



Many pleasures can be seen watching people and pets.

People’s faces reveal their pleasure during conversations producing laughter, smiles, and giggles. People show their pleasure while holding hands, eating their favorite foods, singing their favorite song, or seeing an old friend.

Pets express their pleasures walking on a leash, carried in backpacks, doggy strollers and of course when being petted and rubbed. Their tails are constantly wagging quickly from side to side, in a circle, up and down, while eating their food, lapping water, or seated next to their owner.

Sitting at an outdoor cafe watching people and their pets is my pleasure.

WordPress daily word prompt



Standing in a Kansas wheat field.

A fence of wheat on the left.

A fence of wheat on the right.

A fence of wheat ahead.

A fence of wheat behind.

Fences of wheat surround me.

I raised my arms from my side outstretching like an Eagle to fly above my wheat fence.

WordPress daily word prompt



The empty feelings when a loved one is no longer in your life.

The empty feelings when love is not present.

The empty feelings when all hope is lost.

Reach out to someone in your life, to reconnect and feel the love with a phone call to hear their voice or stand in their presence to share the love.

Someone loves you.

WordPress daily word prompt




Those who have the ability of prophecy have an enormously incredible talent, and for centuries many have claimed this unique ability. Their predictions have included everything from the religious end of days to human encounters with aliens.

I understand why prophets make a prediction. However, many people have predicted the outcome of a sporting event. If a prophet predicted the lottery numbers or the results of a sporting event, they would become instant celebrities changing the lives of so many people with an immediate monetary gain.

However, since there is no registry are regulations of prophets which would hold them accountable for their predictions, I imagine many prophecies into our future.

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