Depth is the measurement from the furthest point to another. The depths of your love for another can never be measured, and love can last forever. The depths of hate is measurable and revealed by its horrors are seen every day. The depths of your faith cannot be measured, and with a loving soul, hate will be conquered.   WordPress daily word prompt


  This morning photos near Corning NY was a wee bit chilly, or down right cold for those who are from Florida. The sun gleamed over the dark green forested mountain into the valley filled with morning mist and fog emanating from grasses and trees. There’s a calmness in the air only punctuated by the tweets of morning birds and the occasional sound of tires rolling along the roadway in the far distance. Standing in a wet grassy field enjoying every moment of amateur photo taking, although it is a wee- bit chilly. WordPress photo Challenge


My date and I enjoyed a dinner feast, discussing our live and thoughts about our future. We decided to meet the following Saturday to attend the religious festival feast of life. We enjoyed a great time as our friendship feast grew. We attended my father’s annual Bar-B-Que feast the following Saturday. After dessert, we shared a kissing feast behind the garage and were caught by my mother who claimed we were in love. Six months later during the Jamaican Gumby Feast, we discussed living together permanently. Seven months later our wedding feast was celebrated with family and friends. Now we are enjoying our honeymoon feasting on the dreams our future. WordPress daily word prompt

Forgetful RV’ers

Jim aged 87 and Mathew, age 89 are retirees from Florida and have been full-time RV’ers for the past twenty years. Late one night they are seated around a campfire in Mesa AZ when their discussion turns to when they plan to turn their keys in for a sticks or brick home in a senior community. Jim: A couple of months ago my wife asked me to hang up the keys Mathew: Didn’t your wife die over a year ago? Jim: Oh, Yeah, but she talks to me from time to time. How, about your wife? Mathew: I thought I saw here earlier today. But, my son called yelling that she was in El Paso TX but, I don’t remember stopping in Texas. Jim: How is your son? Mathew: He hid my keys a couple of weeks ago, but I paid my grand-son a dollar and a promise to let him drive the RV when he turns 16 in ten

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Everyone’s life is a journey, whether they know it or not. A journey for some people is considered a chore, or hindrance, preventing enjoyment of life. For others, their journey is a joyful walk in the park, enjoying all that crosses their path. All life journeys are unique and yet similar, for it is the culminating experiences along the journey that bring forth a fulfilling life with family and friends. WordPress daily word prompt


I was at my favorite coffee house when I read WordPress’s daily word prompt “Guest.” I noticed employees using direct eye contact, greeting the customers with, hellos, welcomes, thank yous, and please come again. The hospitality was verbal and visible with every customer. What alarmed me were most customers failed to acknowledge the employees hospitality and comments. Many just stared up at the display boards trying to decide what to eat or drink. As a guest, it is important to acknowledge the person showing you hospitality with a verbal answer and direct eye contact. As a customer, I’m guilty of this when ordering something because I’m in a hurry. I have learned to slow down and acknowledge the time and thoughtfulness the person is showing me. To be a guest is easy. However, it is also important to recognize the hospitality shown with direct eye contact, a verbal response, and smile. Be my guest, be my guest, be my guest!

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The word glass has many definitions around the world, yet, its basic form, glass is a non-crystalline solid with enormously other uses. For me, the word glass immediately brings to mind my attempts to photograph a sunrise or sunset reflecting on a body of water that is smooth as glass. Although I should use the word mirror, I chose glass, because of the smooth texture, and clearness glass provides when all of its impurities are removed. For centuries to present day, craftsmen engineers and designers use glass’s versatility in design, adding colors and in many different shapes. The engineering advances of glass for telescopes, windowpanes, and the engineering marvels of glass skyscrapers along with the screen I view to type this posting, which is smooth as glass. WordPress daily word prompt


The word “false,” when used in a sentence is usually in the form of a negative connotation. The thesaurus provides many words and they all describes some of the horrors of our world; untrue, wrong, erroneous, fallacious, flawed, distorted, inaccurate, imprecise, untruth, fictitious, concocted, fabricated, invented, trump up, unfounded, spurious, counterfeit, forged, and fraudulent. When applied to politicians, every thesaurus word is applicable, how ironic? WordPress daily word prompt


Because of humans inability to see in the darkness, the human imagination compensates and creates fear and mystery of the unknown of what their eyes cannot see. Hundreds if not thousands of stories and fairytales have been created recited based on fear of darkness. Closing your eyes darkness does not initiate fear because opening your eyes silences the fear and darkness. Darkness, within a locked closet, room, or in the wilderness fear may consume the mind, and no stories or fairytales are needed to initiate fear. Such fear within the mind can overwhelm and become catatonic to the body while in darkness. So, open your eyes to view the darkness with your mind recalling the light day because the light within the mind is brighter than the darkness around you and darkness shall pass. WordPress daily wod prompt


I took plenty of long-distant photo of the Mute Swan partners with their cygnet securely in between both. A week later, they ventured to my side of the lake for a visit I believe seeking food or having their photos taken. The Swans have lived here for some time, and their monogamous relationship has outlasted many humans. It is either true love of they cannot find others, either way, they project a beautiful and serene scene as they float along. WordPress photo challenge

St. Louis Mo.

My journey as a travel writer begins in the city of my birth St. Louis, Missouri the “Show Me State.” On June 4, 2016, I started living full-time in a small recreational vehicle to travel the back roads of America. Before I left Southwest Florida, April 30, 2016, I purged a lot of personal belongings, to include one 4 x 3 plastic container and three, 3 x 3 plastic containers filled with personal photos, awards, and memorabilia of my last 30-35 years. It is always great to visit my home city, filled with family and friends, touring my childhood community and old teenage haunts, but, it also provides me the glorious opportunity to consume the foods I grew up eating. My first food excursion took place ten miles south of the city as I traveled northbound on I-55 when I spotted a White Castles restaurant on the right side of the highway. My mouth began salivating as I reminisced about

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Autonomy is a word used by organizations in political disagreements, against countries, and independent groups rebelling against the establishment. Autonomy is a concept found in moral, political and bioethical philosophy. Within this context, it is the capacity of a rational individual to make an informed, un-coerced decision. WordPress daily word prompt


The various reasons voyages are taken range from curiosity to seeking what’s’ over the next hill, seeking adventure to explore places unknown, a pilgrimage of self-reflection and sometimes you just want to return home. My voyage is a combination of all three. My curiosity to see what is over the next hill, to explore new places while reflecting on my past travels. But, my home is with me constantly, an actual pull behind trailer from my past I shared with my children. My 1998 Coleman Cheyenne Pop-camper. Yes, I have begun my journey as a travel writer touring the US. My focus will center around the centennial celebration of the US National Parks. Along the way, I will visit writers groups, writers conferences, and book conventions as I explore and expand my knowledge of the literary community around the US. So periodically I will report my voyages, and travel experiences, of the nomadic adventurer. WordPress daily word prompt


Oh, how I would love to live on an island. I was offered the opportunity to live on an island off the coast of Key West when I received a newsletter from the US National Parks artist-in-residence program asking for applicants for its residency located on the Dry Tortuga Island 90-miles off the coast of Key West Florida. The US National Parks operates artist in residence programs in many of the parks across the country. However, the Dry Tortuga is one that requires the applicant to be a couple. It explicitly states “no single candidates.” Since I don’t have a companion, I was ineligible for the program. I enquired as to why the program required two, and it was explained it was a safety precaution. The example being If one person becomes ill, drifts out into the Gulf of Mexico or simply vanishes hopefully, the second person can alert the appropriate authorities. As I read the reason, I was dismayed, but

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The word burn can conjure up many ideas of the flame burning to cause injury or to warm feet around a fire. However, this single word contains so many meanings, literally and culturally. A burning flame can destroy life with its heat melting anything in its path causing smoke to choke the life from everything alive. When controlled and contained, a burning flame provides heat, to warm a body, cook food to providing nourishment to sustain life. The word burn has, cultural and social applications like the phrase “burn rubber,” a car reference, “A burning desire,” which if not controlled can lead to a burning sensation and my favorite burn baby burn, which means what is says, to burn. I love the versatility of the English language because a single word like “burn” can mean so many things to so many users. Although, if English is not your first language, the use of a single word like “burn” can be

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“Pleasurable Reality”

  Many pleasures can be seen watching people and pets. People’s faces reveal their pleasure during conversations producing laughter, smiles, and giggles. People show their pleasure while holding hands, eating their favorite foods, singing their favorite song, or seeing an old friend. Pets express their pleasures walking on a leash, carried in backpacks, doggy strollers and of course when being petted and rubbed. Their tails are constantly wagging quickly from side to side, in a circle, up and down, while eating their food, lapping water, or seated next to their owner. Sitting at an outdoor cafe watching people and their pets is my pleasure. WordPress daily word prompt


The empty feelings when a loved one is no longer in your life. The empty feelings when love is not present. The empty feelings when all hope is lost. Reach out to someone in your life, to reconnect and feel the love with a phone call to hear their voice or stand in their presence to share the love. Someone loves you. WordPress daily word prompt


  Those who have the ability of prophecy have an enormously incredible talent, and for centuries many have claimed this unique ability. Their predictions have included everything from the religious end of days to human encounters with aliens. I understand why prophets make a prediction. However, many people have predicted the outcome of a sporting event. If a prophet predicted the lottery numbers or the results of a sporting event, they would become instant celebrities changing the lives of so many people with an immediate monetary gain. However, since there is no registry are regulations of prophets which would hold them accountable for their predictions, I imagine many prophecies into our future. WordPress daily word prompt  


  A companion can be a human, animal or you, and is essential for some people and an option, for others, yet, many do not consider the need for a companion. For 18 plus years of my life, I sometimes lovingly enjoyed a constant companion. However, as I approached the months and days before I became an empty-nester, I dreamed of the solitary life, and my adjustment was relatively easy. Now, I honestly missed having teenage kids around but quickly, and I mean quickly, I overcame that emotional feeling. (Actually, it took 1.2 thousandths of a second.) For 12, plus years my pet dog, a black Labrador named ‘Kassie” was an incredible companion, and when she transitioned to doggy heaven, I seriously considered a cat as my next pet companion. But, being an empty nester at the time, the idea of having no pet responsibilities, excited me, but, since the cat doesn’t have opposing thumbs to drive, cook or clean up after

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Awe or Awesome

The word awe is a noun, and some people consider it is short for awesome, however, it is not. Awe is defined as a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder. I use the word awe to describe my first sight of the Grand Canyon, for which I’m still in awe of its beauty, depth, and enormous vastness. As I looked below into the canyon, I was awestruck with fear, wonderment, respect and admiration. I tried to imagine the first pioneers who traversed to the bottom of the canyon. The word awesome is an adjective, defining something extremely impressive or daunting, inspiring great admiration apprehension or fear. My Grand Canyon visit was awe-inspiring, but it was eclipsed by the awesome, impressive and inspiring beauty of Glacier National Park. I found admiration in the engineering design of the “Going to the Sun Road” I traversed on my motorcycle. WordPress daily word prompt


I use the word “serendipity” to describe the events that have brought about my writing and photography experiences and opportunities. Serendipity took center stage Tuesday morning after I met an old friend of thirty years. We sat for breakfast sharing lots of experiences from our previous career and catching up on our lives in retirement. After an hour or more, we stood, embrace in the man hug saying our goodbyes with plans for me to see his wife’s bluegrass band, in the future. I sat down at the table, opened my laptop when I recognized a unique and familiar Appalachian baritone-bass voice. I looked to my left and less than ten feet away, was a fellow retiree from my former career seated with his son. I walked over to his table, and when we recognized one another, an excited loud laughter erupted from us both, followed by a hearty embrace and handshakes. For the second time, in a day, I

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“Summer Time”

Today is the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. Summer is annually the time for family vacations, outdoor activities, to visit and tour the national parks and recharge our batteries away from working. So many people do not take their full vacation time to enjoy the summer with their families and friends, which cause more stress at home when the home is only for sleep before returning to work. So, in the end, are we working to live or living to work? It is summer time and yes it will return again next year, but time is ongoing and time with family is now. Enjoy family during the summer time and when any time is available because time is ongoing but, moments in time shared with family and friends last forever. WordPress daily word prompt Working to live or living to work


The word “perfection” defines flawless, or faultless, as possible. Perfection is often used to describe people, inanimate objects, an athlete or team and for some people, themselves. Just about everyone strives for something in life and in doing so, some may go beyond their dream while others will not succeed. Either way, the journey towards a goal builds character which over a lifetime will become as close to perfection as can be attained. WordPress daily word prompt


The struggle is a word repeatedly used to describe or defines an individual or team endeavor, of trying hard bending over backward, displaying their forcefulness, to produce a strong or possible violent effort to break away or the just doing everything possible in their attempt which hopefully is successful. Without struggle were would we all be? Without struggle, there is never any progress. So, suffer through whatever ails you and know that on the other side is the possibility of greatness. WordPress daily word prompt


Of the food, we consume, what is natural? Food is considered natural if grown without herbicides which prevent unwanted vegetation and pesticides that slow the attractions of certain insects. So, if natural food growth is original, what is organic? There are specific definitions for both, natural and organic foods with many different agricultural agencies around the world defining the two. You can choose the definitions you like to define what is natural or what is organic for you. For me when I hear or read the word natural used as a selling point, I usually assume it isn’t natural. So what is natural? It is a definition that is unique for every human, but, I wonder, do any mammals and animals consider this option when seeking food to eat? I’m sure wild animals don’t define what is natural or not. I can not imagine foxes, raccoons, lions cheetahs, snakes, and birds of prey taking a bite and deciding not to

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A large part of my life for many years I worked at my father’s business rebuilding car motors and transmissions, yet, it was my first teenager date when I understood my mother’s complaints of having dirty fingernails. The young lady I took on a date to the movies asked about the dirt under my fingernails. Proud of being a working man, I noticed the look of displeasure on her face was similar to my mothers as I explained how I worked on car motors and transmissions. I noticed my explanation did not appeal nor impress her, as I thought. However, it gave me a moment of self reflection, and I realized my need to be more presentable as my mother wanted for me. So, I began rebuilding my image to be more presentable, i.e., “cool.” I soon established a rebuild of my teenager image to be more presentable in my dress, with pressed pants with a crease, a clean shirt, and

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Embarrassing moments take place throughout life, and every time I see someone spill a liquid in their lap, I think of the horribly awkward moment when I returned from the men’s room and my son age 12 or 13 at the time pointed to the front of my pants and announcing aloud they were wet. It was assumed I needed an adult diaper with every attempt to explain what happened as everyone laughed, and since this was during a family reunion with several dozens of my cousins in attendance, I was embarrassed beyond belief. It was then I began to hatch my plan for revenge. I know what clothes fit my son and what one’s do not. So, I recalled the day we packed our suitcases, and he wanted to take swimwear too large for him to wear. Instead of arguing with him I just buried the pair deep under my clothes and packed a pair I knew would fit

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The simplicity of life is sought daily by many around the world. Whether you live in a small village or the big city, we all dream and seek the simplicity of life. However, life is cluttered with many barriers to stifle simplicity. From the moment you open your eyes by the sound of an alarm or the sound of animals, the day begins wishing for more sleep. Consider simplicity is the fact you were able to hear the sounds to wake. When you stand beside your bed, stretching and yawning through the morning stiffness, no matter where you are on this planet standing is simplicity. Simplicity is a morning shower or cleaning your body and feeding yourself. Whether you go to work in an office or a field, a job becomes simplicity. Simplicity’s barriers are usually the weather, a phone, family or friends. So simplicity is easily attainable without barriers you have no control over. WordPress Daily word prompt


The world needs to eat from a three layered marble cake of understanding, tolerance, and compromise covered with tastefully sweet rainbow icing on a platter of love as its foundation. Understanding another person’s plight is simply to consider walking in their shoes. Tolerance of others no matter what you have been taught or believe is showing how evolved you have become. Not that you are better than the other person, it shows you are tolerant and understanding. Compromise is the essence of agreeing to get along with others who we share this planet. Agree to disagree without violence. Here is an idea; “If any issue you stand for does not involve the opposition, or group having to sleep with you at night or assist you in paying a bill in your home.” Don’t worry about it! Keep your personal discontent to yourself and understand that with over a billion people on the planet you can find someone you can agree

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The sight of most mountains stirs within some humans the desire to explore a trail to conquered and stand upon the summit. As you walk along a path, crossing the planes and valleys on your approach to the mountain. It’s imposing, majestic beauty is always visible. Your concentration is matched by the excitement swelling within you. However, your excitement is contained with every ascending step you climb. Your heavy breathing is constant when you stand upon the summit with incredible views of other nearby mountains peaks. When you catch your breath, your curiosity begins to imagine climbing a nearby mountain. So explore a trail to climb, to stand on the summit and become king of your mountain! WordPress daily word prompt


  The sky above is also known and described as the heavens. The sky is filled with sights seen and unseen. The sky is the invisible atmosphere we breathe, although polluted in some places we use a mask to filter the sky’s atmosphere. Laying on your back in a green field of grass viewing the sky above filled with clouds. The cloud formations open and expands the creative imagination to an interpretation of the clouds as they pass across the heavens. At night, the sky reveals millions of stars displaying lights millions of miles away. Occasionally a streaking star crosses the night sky, and only the imaginations can guess its origination or its destination The sky is repetitive, providing a sunrise and sunset while revealing its beauty day or night. WordPress daily word prompt

“Are You Connected?”

Most dictionary definitions define the word “connected” as the joining of two ends. Its evolution has expanded with different meaning within some cultures, and the uses colloquially, for various purposes will always continue to grow. In today’s society, the word connected is often used to describe electronic connections while the existence of the human connection is becoming extinct because of most electronic connections. Two or three hundred years ago before electric and electronic connections, the human connection was personal involving touch, sight, sounds smell and taste. When the human connection is broken, the phrase, “distance makes the heart grow fonder,” takes on a new meaning. Although, this phrase is a reminder of how relevant human connections are. Human emotions are inter-connected with memories connected to the human consciousness because of touch, sight, sound, smell, and taste. However, more than ever, today’s human connection is becoming more significant and relevant than before the invention and evolution of electric, and electronic connections.

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“Confession or legendary tale”

I was born and raised in a fishing village on a South Pacific Island where my father died recently in a fishing accident when I was 16 years old, and ever since, I have fished alone. I was fishing at sunset with one line and one hook when I caught not two but three fish at once. I was so excited, I ran towards the village carrying my fish stringed together excited to tell everyone about my incredible catch. However, as I approached, the village I decided not to tell anyone because of the annual Confession Celebration. The festival allows villagers to confess their sins committed within the past year or tell legendary tales to family or friends. Over the years, some fights have occurred, and many angry words were exchanged but, by the end of the day everyone would exchange loving hugs, and all was forgiven. If I told anyone how I caught my fish, it would appear I

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The purpose of planning and structuring is to accomplish a goal. My goal was to establish a nomadic life outside of Southwest Florida and like many things in life my first attempt to leave was hampered by mother nature’s colder than average temperatures along with the 18-21 days of constant rain in the US Mid-Atlantic. So, because I’m a warm weather type, (aka; Florida Beach Bum) I reversed my snowbird direction returning to Northern Florida to enjoy the warm weather and explore some towns and parks. This morning before the sun broke the horizon. I woke with an incredible warm emotional feeling and smile on my face, knowing I accomplished my goal as a nomadic travel blogger in my little RV. I spent today writing and reading when my thoughts drifted towards me hiking trails in the US National Parks, which is celebrating their centennial. I thought of obscure places in the US I would visit and report on as

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Angry shown to someone you love been eventually involves an apology. Angry is the emotion that eventually involves an apology. Angry can be useful yet; it ultimately means an excuse. Angry is an emotion that should never be verbalized or revealed because it will include an apology. Angry why? It takes moments of a precious life, so why angry? WordPress daily word prompt

“Denying or Justifying”

Looking into a mirror many humans see something they are not. Denying the color of thy eyes Denying the color of thy skin, Denying thy age Denying thy weight Denying or justifying instead of facing, or admitting, the truth of who you are. What do you deny or justify? WordPress Daily word prompt


Forks in the road take place every moment, hour, and day throughout life Decisions can be simple or life-changing like, do you order pancakes or waffles or do you marry or not marry, and should you wear underwear or not wear underwear. Procrastination is usually the result or annoyance to others, hence the saying, “Sh*% or get off the pot.” Either way, remember to enjoy the journey.

“The things we leave behind.”

The things we live behind are the things we collected because they were the must-haves of the moment. After fifteen trips to the local Good-Will store, to drop off the things I had not seen, or held, for several years, I asked myself and wondered why? It is ironic, the stuff I collected was based on a previous need, want, or desire, only to leave behind, walk away from and never see again. What we need today is an afterthought tomorrow. So, the time and money spent on the fixation of needs and wants accumulate to become the things we leave behind. What will you collect today? WordPress daily word prompt

It’s Time for Peace©

Great words of wisdom, needed around the world.


It’s time for peace

It is time! I hear the call

From all corners of the globe.

I saw them breaking the wall

In Berlin. I hear peace chanting far East

In Tienanmen Square …over there

Rolling through the green hills

Of China over India and Afghanistan.

South the equator, brothers in new

South Africa, united under one nation.

Echoed in Tahrir Square in Egypt

Time square NY, Champs-Elysee Paris-

Everywhere good people getting together, in the face of evil

In the face of war.  Behold, I see the white dove

Spreading out her wings, searching for that

Green olive branch to land-weary and sad.

People are holding up their hands

Together, everybody chanting, all of them saying:

No more hate, no more discrimination.

Our Earth is aching and bleeding

Pleading for her children-Calling for

Peace. Peace. Peace for all.


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Originally posted on Northern Nevermore:
 Image Courtesy: The flow of words has come to a halt, Swirl of vocabulary has stopped with a jolt. No rhyme nor reason to explain why, The feeling of the poet has left me, dry. Digging for the verbs that might beautifully rhyme, To create the poem that is utterly sublime. However the search has been proven a waste, For the inner sonneteer has left with haste. And then the idea struck like a flash of light, To jot down words that could explain my plight. Write about the unyielding block itself, And create magic with adjectives that speak for themselves. Thus this piece of eloquent art was born, Truth and patience from where it is shorn. Maybe now the letters will come like a breeze, But who am I kidding ? The life of a poet is never one of ease.

The Art of Life

Originally posted on Kevin Brown Poetry:
​We drove -? On back roads Watching the sunset,? Behind those anonymous hills Arguing the impact on the sky ‘Blood red’ or ‘Zesty orange’ -? A matter of perspective -? Perhaps.? And as I brush with my past,? Your hand brushes my thigh,? Like a painter,? Restoring an old painting? To new life.? Kevin Brown © 05.07.2016