Jacob and Hellen, have been married for twenty years when Hellen arrived home from work a couple of hours earlier than usual.

As Hellen turned into the driveway, she was surprised to see an “Easy Man, Maid Service” car parked on the street in front of their house. She assumed the car maybe for one of her neighborhoods.

Seven years earlier, Hellen went back to work as a civil rights attorney where she often bragged to co-workers about how Jacob kept an immaculate and orderly home.

Jacob was enjoying a successful career as an architectural engineer when he decided to stay home with their three children, who are now, ages 16, 13, and 10.

As Hellen entered her home to hear moaning and groaning emitting from her family room. She stood still for a moment stunned at the noise. She slowed her pace, placing her purse on the kitchen table, quietly tip-toeing towards the family room.

Her stomach begins to knot with nauseous fear as her imagination began cautiously suspecting Jacob involved in some inappropriate behavior, destroying the many years of trust she thought they had developed.

When she peered around the corner into the family, she heard another man’s voice. She stopped, took a take a deep breath and walk into the family room to see Jacob, her youngest son Jeffery age 10 and three other men in yoga positions. Helen stares in disbelief but relieved.

Jacob notices Helen and immediately stands up from his position to say hello. The rest of the men looked her way and waved, along with her son who yelled, “Hey Mom.”

Hellen waved to her son and smiled as Jacob walked toward her and explained he is teaching a yoga class to the new start-up cleaning business, employing only men.

Jacob notices a slightly perplexed look on Hellen’s face after he kisses her. Hellen returns the kiss and hugs, Jacob. Hellen continues upstairs to change and prepare for the evening.

Later that night Jacob and Hellen are snuggled together in bed watching television when Helen tells Jacob she had a nervous nauseating feeling in her stomach when she heard the moaning & grunting coming from the family room.

When I saw you teaching a yoga class, I felt guilty for feeling and sensing mistrust. I’m sorry, Jacob.

Looking into Helen’s eyes, Jacob tells her that every time you work late, I have thoughts of mistrust enter my mind. But at the Christmas Party when your co-workers congratulate me as a stay at home father, I understand how proud of me you are and how much you brag about me to your co-workers and I can never imagine either of us destroying our trust.

I believe we have a loving trust established and based on a foundation of mutual respect, friendship as man & woman, husband & wife, mother, and father for us to love one another for life.

When those thoughts and suspicions enter my mind, I just remember how much I love you, Helen.

I love you too Jacob.


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“Boy Scout, Spelunking.”


When I was a Boy Scout, I loved camping, hiking and everything associated with being a Boy Scout and I was exposed to the word “spelunking,” which is the exploration of caves.

Missouri has more than 6,200 caves—second only to Tennessee—and is known as the Cave State. More caves are discovered every year.

Karst is the geologic term referring to locations with underground caves, sinkholes and losing streams, where water disappears underground and exits as springs. Missouri caves were used by Native Americans for shelter and burial ceremonies

Missouri caves are a habitat for many species of snails, crayfish and insects found nowhere else in the world and which cannot survive outside of caves.


Missouri’s limestone bedrock formed 300 to 500 million years ago as ancient sea beds that were then uplifted to form the Ozarks Mountains and surrounding area. These ideal conditions and formations developed as water seeped underground dissolving the limestone.

The Beaumont Boy Scout Reservation located West of St. Louis Mo offers underground caves to explore, and I looked forward to exploring a cave.

On the morning my troop was to explore the mud caves I was excitement, however, as I approached the entrance to the cave which was a hole in the ground the width of a small window and not the wide opening I imagined.


When I was told, I had to crawl into the hole my thoughts of being covered with mud from head to toe, quickly ended. Suddenly I was not interested entering a cave with only a flashlight as my guide.

I watched as fellow Scouts crawled into the underground hole, sliding over the dark muddy rocks. Suddenly I could hear my mother’s voice. “you are muddy from head to toe,” which I thought was a great excuse when I told my Scout Master. When he said I did not have to go, I was so relieved, plus there is no merit badge for spelunking.

Ever since I changed my mind about spelunking, my life of great exciting adventures has never suffered, but, exploring an underground cave is something I have yet to find any desire.

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National Novel Writing Month Volunteer “(NaNoWriMO)”



For the past two months, most of my writing time has been dedicated to plotting a story line and developing characters. All of this in preparation as I approach November 1, to participate in the National Novel Writing Month, also known as, NaNoWriMo.

In my travel journey across the US, I have attended writers groups in Fredericksburg VA, St. Louis Mo, Scotts Bluff NE, and the South West Writers in my current location of Albuquerque NM. All of my visits provided me with an opportunity to interact with fellow passionate writers.

Today, I attended a “NaNoWriMo,” group at the Cherry Hill Library in Albuquerque NM. Rene Mullens who is a “NaNoWriMo,” Municipal Liason volunteer provided a presentation covering all of the intricacies of the yearly event. Rene is a writer with several publications on his website. Click the link on his name above for his biography and more information.


Fourteen people attended seeking information to participate and hopefully complete the month-long event, of writing a 50,000-word novel. Of those in attendance, only three finished last year’s event including myself.

Rene Mullens spoke of the support provided with local writing locations, word sprints, writing prompts, virtual write in’s, plot duckies and stickers. Many questions were asked and answered covering all of these issues including what particular writing programs to use to complete the challenge. Several sponsors offer discounts on select writing programs. Click the NaNoWriMo link above for detailed information and check the definitions below.


Writing prompts – A writing prompt is simply a topic around which you start jotting down ideas. The prompt could be a single word, a short phrase, a complete paragraph or even a picture, with the idea being to give you something to focus upon as you write.

Word Sprints – Also called word war is a short timed challenge in which NaNoWriMo participants write as much as they can in a short period.

Virtual Write In’s – A virtual write in, happens online, with no need to be in a particular physical location. They can occur via chat room, social media, or Google Hangouts.

Plot Duckies – A small plastic or rubber creativity “Duck” to help writers to be better creative writers, whether you write short stories or novels.

Stickers – Plastic or paper stickers for your laptop or any other items.

Rene’s wisdom and advice were well received.

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The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

I was fortunate to visit The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque NM. in the photo below. The center is opened 7-days a week with varying prices seniors, adults, students, military, and groups. Click the link for detailed pricing.


On the weekends, the center host dances from the local Pueblo communities, as featured in the photos below.

The displays exhibit the journey of a proud and significant people who have lived along the Rio Grand River surviving since before 700 to 900 AD.

With the arrival of the Spanish, Mexican, and European immigrants from the Eastcoast of the continent and later the American Government. The ancient world of the Pueblo Indians changed forever.

Throughout the centuries the survival of the Pueblo people has continued and will thrive with continuity to work together to as one community.

The center offers an opportunity to taste traditionalPueblo, at the “Pueblo Harvest Cafe.” I would recommend the Fry Bread, which I tried and loved. The menu includes various other traditional dishes unique to the American Southwest.


The gift shop has multiple displays of jewelry, and Pueblo authored books and comics covering every genre of Pueblo life along with the vibrant, colorful clothing, rugs, and other assorted accessories, providing an incredibly visual experience.

The center recommends visitors needing accommodations use the Holiday Inn Express located in the historic Albuquerque Indian School District. It is located across the street from the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and is owned and operated by the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico, providing a tradition of Pueblo hospitality.

I truly enjoyed my visit and will return to experience more of the culture and diverse offerings to learn more about the Pueblo People.🙂

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“Subdued worry.”

It’s been twelve hours, and usually, they are home by now.

Something is wrong, I feel it, and I sense it. The neighbor’s German shepherd, Felix is barking happy barks, so the neighbors are home.

I’m worried.

Something has happened to them because I’m usually smelling food cooking on the stove by now.

If they don’t return home soon, who do I call? Who do I notify? This feeling is terrible.

I hear happy barks from Sindi, the Boxer, on the other side of the house so now, I’m depressed. For the past hour, I have been standing at the window looking for them, and I know something is wrong.

I’m sick to my stomach worrying. I’m going to go lay down in the basement and try and calm down. Something is not right. I’m scared.

I hear the garage door opening, and they are finally home. I will not run to greet them like I usually do. I will wait here in the basement and see if they look for me in the house.

Charley! Charley! Charley!

They are calling my name. They are calling my name, YES!

Where have they been?

I run top speed, barking, and suddenly I’m in the arms of Crystal while David is rubbing me from my head to tail.

I stop wagging my tail, step back to look at them both with my head turned sideways.

David asks? Were you worried?

I turn my head sideways to the other side to indicate yes.

Crystal says we are sorry we are so late Charley. We stopped to get you a present. David opens the garage door, and there stood Cable, a six-week-old Border Collie. He starts barking happy barks.

He’s cute, for a little guy, is and we quickly we become the best of friends. After 2-weeks of house training on using the doggy door, where to go number 1 and number 2. He is getting along pretty good.

Now I have someone to help me worry about David and Crystal when they arrive home late, but we are always glad to see them when they come through the garage door.

We both look forward to treats before dinner even if I have to share with Cable who keeps me company during the day. But, I’m never alone anymore.

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It’s been ten hours since I have seen my best friends and usually, they are home. I can tell something is wrong since the neighbor’s German shepherd, Felix is barking happy barks.

I’m worried.

Something may have happened to them because I’m usually smelling food cooking on the stove and getting tasty treats while the meal is being cooked.

If they don’t return home soon. Who do I call? Who do I notify? This feeling is terrible.

I hear happy barks from Sindi, the Boxer, on the other side of the house so now, I’m depressed. For the past hour, I have been standing at the window looking for them, and I know something is wrong.

I’m sick to my stomach worrying. I’m just going to go lay down in the basement and try and calm down. Something is not right. I’m scared.

I hear the garage door opening, and they are finally home. I will not run to greet them like I usually do. I will wait here in the basement and see if they look for me in the house.

Charley, Charley Charley!

They are calling my name. They are calling my name, YES!

Where have they been?

I’m running top speed and barking, and suddenly I’m in the arms of Crystal while David is rubbing me from my head to tail.

I stop wagging my tail, step back to look at them both.

David asks? Were you worried?

I turn my head sideways to indicate yes.

Crystal says we are sorry we are so late Charley. We stopped to get you a present. David opens the garage door, and there stood six-week-old Border Collie, Cable. He starts barking happy barks.

Cute, the little guy, is and quickly we become best friends. After several 2-weeks of house training on using the doggy door.

Now we never worry about when David and Crystal arrive home although, we are always glad to see them when they come home.

We both look forward to treats before dinner even if I have to share with Cable who keeps me company. But, I’m never alone anymore.

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The word candle conjures up many thoughts of how the candle for hundreds of years was used to light the night. The gas lantern threatened the candle industry until Edison invented electricity and both were history or so we thought.

Until, scented candles became the rage especially around my house during the holidays. I love the apple-cinnamon or apple spice smell around the house during the holidays.

But, after several reported fires, luckily not at my home with teenagers who did not know I had changed to electric scented candles.

It is ironic how Thomas Edison invented electricity to replace gas lanterns and candles only to see electric candle and electric gas lamp makes a comeback.

The word candle also conjures up memories of the late Marilyn Monroe and Princes Diana associated with the Elton John’s song “Candle in the Wind,”

The word candle is related to different meaning, yet it still lights the night when the electricity goes out.

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As a Boy Scout Leader, it brought joy to my heart to watch the transformation of a prepubescent teen as they progressed through their teenage years to become a respectful and honorable young man.

However, during this transformative years, there are humorous moments I recall that brings a smile to my face even to this day.

For some boys, growth takes place overnight, and others may take a period of six months to a year or more. Some outgrow clothing, and shoes they have only worn once or twice. Our troop had a uniform drop off so that another parent could benefit from clothing another Boy Scout outgrew.

Some of the boys were aware of their growth spurts, and they became self-conscious while others boy’s never noticed their size 10 1/2 foot outgrowing his 5’3, 110lbs frame.

I knew one of those boys who’s feet outgrew his shoes, and quite frankly the rest of his body. I found myself biting my lip & tongue as he walked along a level sidewalk, or smooth asphalt and literally trip over his feet falling hard to the ground.

Clumsy is a word I used to describe him, but he was proud of his large feet since they the same size as his father’s. I often told him, as an adult, he will need to maintain a good job to pay for his shoes if his feet kept growing.

I recall he and others in the troop constantly tripped over their feet walking up a hill, down a hill while looking down to see where they were walking. They did this with or without a backpack on a hike, with hiking boots or tennis shoes.

Usually, within, six months, most of the boy’s bodies caught up with their feet.

I hope when most of the boys have a son, I’m around to witness an document with a camera phone, the clumsy time in every teenager’s life. I figure it will provide many laughing opportunities repeatedly watching the clumsiness of a teenager.

If they read this, they will film me as I age to capture me in photos to laugh at their benefit.🙂

So is the cycle of life.

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After moving to New York City Judith Carmine at 28 years of age has learned valuable lessons from her father’s wisdom filled comments about promises and loyalty.

Judith’s boyfriend Erick age 29, who she had been dating for the past year always promised many things and usually partially achieved what initially was promised. She recognized he is a loyal boyfriend, but she wanted more from him in completing his promises.

Erick promised to buy tickets for a theatrical play, but he forgot. On the night of the play, he suggested they buy the tickets at the box office.

When they arrived and reached the box office, they discovered the play was sold out, and Judith was angry. Erick suggested they go to dinner. Initially, Judith refused, but Erick fanatically insisted, begging for her forgiveness.

During dinner, Judith was not too talkative, but Erick filled in the moments of silence talking of their future together. Judith was not in the mood to consider any talk of the future when the waiter brought her a pink envelope addressed to her in red ink.

She looked perplexed and surprised to receive an envelope and looked at Erick who was smiling from ear to ear. Judith opened the envelope to find pink, stationery that was scented. As she opened the letter it was written in red ink, and began with;

Dear, Judith.

We have been dating for the past year and falling in love with you has added meaning to my life. I hope that we can talk about marriage, in which I dream of spending our life together as a couple building a family of our own.

Instead of buying tickets for the play, I placed a deposit on this engagement ring.
Judith looks up to see Erick holding an open ring box displaying a beautiful platinum ring with a half Karat marquis-cut diamond ring.

Judith begins to cry, tears of joy

Erick asks, Judith, Will you consider the idea of us marrying to live life together forever and I promise to work hard at trying to make all of your dreams come true.

Through tears and sobs, Judith says yes. They stand up and kiss passionately until the applause of a dozen people who walked from the kitchen.

They are the parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins of both Erick and Judith, They all rejoice in the upcoming marriage and the blending of two families.

Promises are words inspiring hope, and belief.

Intentionally broken promises destroy the faith and trust in one another causing hope to erode and inspiration to dissolve.

However, if promises are broken because of unforeseen circumstances, and an honorable valiant effort was made. 

It is the loyalty of the person that should be measured and forgiveness is given.

Joseph Carmine

The next night they all attended the famous play, Hamilton.🙂

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During my teenage years around the mid to late 70’s I was told to feather my hair since it was the style of the time.

However as time passed into my college years, dying my hair blond became the norm and soon after college with a good job, twice a month I paid over $100.00 a visit usually twice a month or more for coloring or styling

Some time later, I started wearing eyelashes during the mid 80’s and fell in love with an entire cosmetic line that wasn’t cheap. I followed the trend of many women and my girlfriends who purchased silicone breast implants.

After marriage and during my childbearing, mothering and parenting years which passed so quick. The last child left the nest and health issues developed from years of high heel shoes, using the wrong size bras, using too much makeup. The proverbial irony was the discovery of a lump that was removed, along with the silicone orbs I purchased years ago.

The last child left the nest and health issues developed from years of high heel shoes, using the wrong size bras, and using too much makeup. The proverbial irony was a lump discovered and removed, along with the silicone orbs I purchased years ago. No, cancer just an awakening.

Now, I sport a short haircut, I wear no heels, and the only makeup is moisturizer and lip balm, with a sensible bra for comfort if I wear one at all.

I’m a baby boomer now, and I live a happy life just like before my teenage years, I call “The original days of my life.”🙂

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It is often said, “Flattery will get you nowhere.”

However, I believe a little or a lot of honest and sincere flattery will go a long way to please a loved one, or will it?

Take the case of my neighbor Calbert Winston. I happened to be outside to watched him accidentally run over his wife’s prize-winning red rose bush with his riding lawnmower.

I knew he was in trouble by the astonished look on his face. So, being the good neighbor of twenty-five years I walked straight to my garage to get a shovel. By the time I returned, he was running to his car.

He, yelled, to me, I heading to the garden center to get a rose bush. I yelled back, I’ll, have it dug out by the time you return.

Now, I’m not sure what type or variety of rose bush I dug up, I just remembered it bloomed red roses once or twice a year because when it did all of the women in the neighborhood of thirty homes would come over and stare at the blooming red rose.

So, when my neighbor returned, we planted the replacement rose bush and pruned it to look similar to the mangled one I dug out of the ground.

After we had finished, the world was aligned in perfect order, until the following spring.🙂

It was a bright sunny Saturday morning in mid-May when I noticed several women including my wife standing around the rose bush in amazement. Knowing what happened several months prior, I watched from the comfort of my kitchen table.

In the background, I could see my neighbor riding his lawnmower with his over the ear headset on oblivious to the women who gathered to stare at the yellow blooming roses.

Later in the day, my wife told me Calbert complimented his wife on the beauty of the yellow rose in bloom and yet it was the first time he had ever taken an interest in her roses.

His flattery, was so over the top, she finally told him how she watched him run over the red rose bush in the late fall. She also saw me dig it up and help him replant the new yellow rose bush.

I sat shocked and immediately I told my wife Brenda, Honey you are a beautiful and understanding woman and I love you so much.

She quickly responded.

Oh honey, my ass, your flattery will only get nowhere until you and Calbet replant a red rose bush, buy a case of wine and several boxes of chocolates, and that’s flattery.

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Carefully, and not in a hurry Jonathan walked slowly around the corner into the hallway with each step his nerves anxiously awaited the TV room. He could hear the football games announcers on his 70-inch television with the weekly Sunday afternoon game.

Gently and carefully Johnathan places the hot platter of 50-Chicken wings slathered in a dark rich bar-b-cue sauces aroma filling his nose.

After setting the dish on the coffee table, Jonathan carefully sits on the couch and begins to enjoy his Sunday afternoon ritual. Johnathan was quiet and calm after consuming his first chicken wing and discarding the bones, and he thinks of how careful he was to arrive at his most precious peaceful time of the week.

Now, he has only to return to the kitchen to get his pitcher of beer and carefully return with spilling a drop.🙂

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“The Argument”


On a cold December morning, two weeks before Christmas, at 4:00 am the clock radio compact disc alarm activated softly playing The Beatles song, “Here comes the sun.” Tom Hartfield, rolls over to his wife Kathy of three years to kiss her on the cheek. Kathy opens her eyes and smiles, returning the kiss on Tom’s lips.

As the music plays in the background, Tom asked, do you want me to hit the snooze button? Kathy says no, we need to get ready for work.

Kathy quickly asked, did you buy coffee on the way home from work yesterday? Suddenly there is silence as the chorus, “here come the sun,” echoes in the background.

With Tom’s silence, Kathy sucks her teeth, throwing back the comforter and blanket on top of Tom, who was sitting up with a perplexed look on his face trying to remember. He said. “I’m sorry,” just as the bathroom door slammed shut.

Tom, was dejected, as he stepped out of bed slowly walking to the second bathroom to shower.

When Tom turns the knob of the second bathroom shower, he hears, Kathy scream, and he remembers by turning on the water can cause a drop in pressure in the master bathroom.Tom sits on the toilet while he waits for Kathy to finish.

After Tom waited for Kathy to finish her shower, he started his and when he finished he heard Kathy yell aloud, “darn it!” Tom waited in the bathroom for her to finish dressing.

When he heard Kathy in the kitchen, he walked to the bedroom to dress for work. He again heard her yell “darn it.”

Tom took a deep breath and finished dressing, walked into the kitchen where he found a box of donuts, hot coffee in the pot and a note that read.

Dear Tom,

We have not had an argument in over a year, but I was upset when you did not answer if you bought any coffee. My anger caused me to break the heel of one of my favorite shoes. When I entered the kitchen, I saw that you had purchased the coffee and even set the coffee maker to brew.

I’m so sorry Tom, please forgive me?


A smile spread across Tom’s face as he poured his coffee. He gathered his belongings to leave, opened the door to the garage, and Kathy was standing in front of him.
She kissed Tom’s cheek, then his lips, staring into Tom’s eyes

I’m sorry.

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“Borders & Birds.”


Welcome to WBN, your only destination for bird news worldwide.

The year was 2011 when the World Bird Federation met for the first time since the 1966 DDT scare.

Ever since the last meeting many bird organizations like the City Pigeons Association, Finches World Wide, and the formidable World Predatory Bird Association have met individually but never as a single bird alliance.

One of the contentious issues that keep the groups from the meeting is the active Finch Lobbying Council. They and the Predatory Bird Association have never flown together on certain issues, mainly since the Predatory Bird sees the Finches as tasty appetizers.


During the 1966 meeting, several thousand Finches disappeared, without a trace and the Finches blame the Predatory Bird Association.


The Migratory Bird terrorist organization “Down With Borders, ” are threatening to use suicide flyers to disrupt human air flights.


Their last attack over New York City was defeated with the help of several hundred thousands of pigeons from the New York City Chapter of the City Pigeons association.

They used mass defecation and dive-bombing pigeons to break up their V-Formations preventing the destruction of many more human flights.


Luckily the pilot who landed on the Hudson River was a card carrying associate member of the pigeons association.


The terrorist organization “Down with Borders, ” is refusing to pay their border fees, and their bills have been mounting for decades. The predatory bird group is threatening to utilize the California Condor Commandos to quell the terrorist organizations saber rattling and make them pay their border dues.


The Midnight Owl Protectorate has been placed on high alert, and there are talks with other World Animal Organizations discussing the best course of action.

It is hard to believe, how this all started when birds mimicked humans who began marking their territory with borders over 2000 years ago.


The controversy of taxing the sky with borders will forever be a divisive issue with birds worldwide.

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Travel writing or blogging

There is a large debate going on within the travel industry currently on whether or not travel blogging carries the same weight as actual travel journalism. I’ve recently been chatting with some industry experts about their views on how they see travel blogging and its legitimacy as a medium. For me, this was interesting because […]

via Travel Blogging vs Travel Journalism: Knowing the Difference — The Wayfaring Voyager

2016 International Balloon Fiesta


I realize it has been 9-days of daily balloons sightings as they rose into the morning sky. Ok, not every day, because some morning were too cold for me, and mother nature influenced the morning with breezy winds or precipitation.
However, all in all, it was an incredible opportunity to fulfill one of the listings on my bucket list.


There is an overwhelming and astonishing majestic beauty viewing hundreds of balloons lift into the sky, with the quite silence of the morning broken with the whooshing sounds of propane shooting into the balloons as they lift higher into the air.

Many of the first time photographers like myself were visually overwhelmed as we tried to determine what type of character balloon was inflating while watching the sky.

I would have taken more photos, however, with the hordes of balloons rising to the heavens and the hundreds on the ground in the various stages of inflation, I spent most of the time in balloon visual shock.

The sheer volume of balloons crews from around the world was exciting. I met balloonists from Brazil, Mexico, Canada, England, Italy, and from just about every state in the US.

One of the exciting aspects of the Fiesta is after paying the entry fee of $10.00 you can walk onto the parade grounds where balloons are inflated before they take off. Photographing up close as a balloon ascends into the sky is an incredible opportunity.

The schedule night glow provides another visual aspect of seeing a fully inflated balloon but not taking off into the sky. The balloonist ignites the propane inside the balloon allowing the gas to glow while illuminating the balloons colors at night.

With, hundreds of balloons doing this, the sight is amazing!

The parade grounds are filled with hundreds of vendors across every craft, foods, chainsaw wood sculpting, video games trailer with an opportunity to see first hand the new virtual reality games, and hundreds of others vendors.

Many people and followers of my blog and YouTube channel have asked, did I go up in any of the balloons. I did because of two reasons. First, there are no parachutes. Second, the basket has no wings, and at 250 plus pounds, I cannot flap my arms fast enough to fly.

I realize I have an adventurous spirit but, I will limit my time above ground to parachuting, and bungee jumping, which are the last two items on my bucket list just in case.


This event draws hundreds of if not millions of people from all over the world, so if you plan to attend next years 46th annual Fiesta, you better get your room now. I can guarantee you it will be amazing!

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Tree: A short story.


When I arrived home from work and pulled into the garage, I heard my daughter voice saying “Dad” as I exited the car. I looked around the garage as I heard her voice again.

My kids David and Angela aged 12 & 10, with my son being the oldest have played hide and seek since they were toddlers. So, I searched every inch of the garage including the cabinets and the garage attic calling out their names.

After I had climbed down from the ladder, I heard my son’s voice, calling to me “Dad.” I searched again and even the trunk of the car and when I heard their voices saying he will never find us.

I call out to them, but no answer. I walked around the front of the house, behind the hedges, along the side of the house, when I heard their voices again.

Now, I becoming frustrated, I took a deep breath and thought to myself, I’m being bested by my to prepubescent teens. I considered they set up an intercom system with their voices echoing in a speaker and they are inside the house laughing at me.

With, my frustration level boiling, I thought logically as to where my kids could be. Then I realized my wife had not come outside to greet me and she was possibly in on this little trick.

So. I shrugged my shoulders, saying aloud, I guess my kids must have been taken by the boogie man. I walk into the garage, hit the button to close the garage door and as I entered the family room.

I yelled loudly to my wife. Honey, I’m home, and I think we are going to have to start over with having kids.

As my wife approached, I told her I heard their voices, but I could not find them. It reminds me of the “Poltergeist movie from the 80’s when the parents lost their daughter Carol Ann.” inside the television.🙂

My, wife greets me with a kiss, and a smile, when I walked to the second floor and looked out my son’s bedroom window to see my two children sitting in the tree in front of the house. My wife enters the room giggling.
She tells me, you encouraged them with the story of how you and your brother did the same to your parents.

I smiled and said now it’s payback time, and I didn’t tell the whole story.
With a perplexed look on her face and mouth opened. I told my wife we are going to eat dinner on the rear deck. As we walked to the first floor, I locked the front door including the door leading to the garage, but not before disabling the electricity to the keypad on the outside of the garage door.

My, wife and I settled down to eat a wonderfully quiet candle light dinner on the back deck sipping wine and enjoying the peace and quiet. After we had finished, my wife asked, when are we going to let them know we are on to their trick.

With a smirk on my face, I said, we could wait until we go to bed, but they have not eaten dinner. My wife said, she would get the ladder,

I walked to the second-floor opened the window and yelled, do you two want dinner? My voice startled them, and my daughter almost feels out to the tree.
My son was shocked, and after my daughter had gathered herself, she yelled at David, “I told you, he knew.”
I laughed as I watched my wife placed the ladder against the tree allowing the kids to climb down.

After the kids had eaten dinner and we were putting the dishes in the dishwasher, my daughter asked how long were you all going to leave us in the tree. My wife and I looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders when I said.

Remember, there has never been a report of found children’s skeletons in a tree.🙂

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I dare you.

I dare you.

I double dog dare you.

I triple dog dare you.

These are the words and statements used by little boys that caused one of the boys to stick his tongue out and it freezes to a metal pole.

Click the link for an example;

A Christmas Story Triple Dog Dare

Based on the above verbal exchange some great inventions have been established. Take, for instance, Demolition Derbies. I imagine on a dare, with some alcoholic beverages involved, and more than three or more men decided to get in their cars and ram them into one another and

Take, for instance, Demolition Derbies. I imagine on a dare, with some alcoholic beverages involved, and more than three or more men. They decided to ram their cars into one another, and Demolition Derby was invented.

Daring activities like Bungie Jumping, skateboarding down a metal pole, or swallowing goldfish, are based on these dares, with some alcohol involved in some cases.

So, based on these examples, you may have to be a young child, teenager or an adult who consumes some alcohol courage before or after to complete these daring feats.🙂

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This week, look to the bond between human and animal for inspiration.


I draw my inspiration of animals in the form of respect. I capture my photos from a distance allowing them to roam, without any obstruction by me.

This moose couple is similar to most people who want to live their lives unencumbered by anyone taking their photos.


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Sometimes life’s greatest achievements occur, with a breakthrough moments before giving up.

One example of a breakthrough moment takes place when parents construct toys the night before Christmas only to complete them just before the children wake up.

Another incident was the mother who baked a birthday cake from scratch but forgot the candles. Her breakthrough moment came when she was frantically searching and passed the dinner table to see the dinner candles, and she quickly thought of halving one candle to celebrate her child’s second birthday.

These examples are based on family and friends who I have learned from or witnessed their breakthroughs.

I established my breakthrough moment when I became a Boy Scout and learned to live by the motto “Always be Prepared,” and also read the instructions.

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Value & Loss


Everyone on this planet places a value on land, i.e., property along with inanimate items like homes, cars, furniture, electronics, food, and money.

Are all of these valued item’s used to sustain a daily life?

When there is a threatening possibility of loss of any of these valued items will the value be appreciated?

Life and health are never recognized, understood, and most importantly “Valued” until threatened with death.

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Graceful is the word I use to describe Hot air balloons lifting off the ground into the early morning blue sky at the 45th International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, in Albuquerque New Mexico.


A parrot and butterfly can move about gracefully in flight, but as hot air balloons, they also share a gracefulness against a morning sky.


All dairy cows move slowly on earth, yet the smile this cow displays is because  it is airborne.


Even the graceful character balloons face away from Darth Vader. The green balloon is wise  and wisdom filled Yoda.

(In Yoda’s accented voice) “Ignore him we will, as graceful as we are.”


Not your average fire breathing or should I say inhaling dragon, gracefully floating past.

Graceful, they are and appear.

Not until a pig and stage coaches flys or floats gracefully in the sky.


Grace is seeing over 700 hot air balloons against a sunny blue sky with wispy clouds.

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What I do and how I travel

It is an amazing how little has changed in my life since leaving Southwest Florida. I still wake up most times before 5:00 and 6;00 am with thoughts and ideas of writing on my mind. These thoughts are held over from the night before as I read myself to sleep.

It would be normal to think of the novels I read the night before. However, it is the blog ideas along with thoughts of story ideas, in my head.

I have to admit, looking out to see the mountains and listening to the quietness of nature is a added caveat.

Since I have begun my travels and incorporated video blogging via YouTube, which I will link to this website. I’m convinced that travel opens up many creative ideas when encountering so many different people.

I have used WordPress’s daily word prompts to exercise my creative ideas which as of late has increased several short stories and ideas for my novels I have been writing.

However, adding the element of a video has become a time-consuming task, but over the past couple of months, I have cut the editing time in half.

This weekend I will be attending the International Balloon Festival in Albuquerque New Mexico so stay tuned for live YouTube and Facebook sites. I expect to take thousands of photos so I will be spending a lot of time at my offices and the library.


Migrating Settlers & Rv’ers





Just like the early settlers who migrated west walking 20oo-miles, there is a current migration of travelers in recreational vehicles who criss-cross the US, Canada, and Mexico. However, during the fall many RV’ers follow the migratory birds south to warmer climates after the Labor Day weekend celebrated in the US.


Although some RV’ers stay through to October and November to see the fall foliage of colors in the northern states. However, for me, the newbie full-time RV’er, my grandiose plans of traveling to Glacier National Park in early August was changed as I toured, studied, and researched the settlers who traveled the Oregon, 49’er and Mormon trails.


Migrants settlers endured the blistering summer heat, fanning off insect’s they had never seen before and yet, they continued along the trail.  During their journey many suffered severe tragedies, of death, along with the hardships illness from contaminated water, and food. Nearly everyone suffered homesickness and still there were bright spots when children were born on the trail.


Those who survived the journey for a better life, lands of their own to farm, or gold to dig, while others escape religious discrimination and persecution.


For my trip, I traveled the back roads of Nebraska to Scotts Bluff and surrounding areas because the interstate is the worst way to see and understand the people and the beauty of America.


The vast openness of the Western Nebraska plains with the wind blowing continuously. I often found myself imagining walking mile, after mile, after, mile, with the ability to visually see the distant trail ahead and behind.


My imagination came to the realization as I stood in the grasslands of the Agate Fossil Monument when the wind suddenly stopped blowing, and I positioned myself to absorb the sounds of silence. I looked around at the incredible sights of craggy bluffs, and mesas in the distance and understood why the settlers continued.


During my travels, I viewed the amazing landmarks used to guide the migrant settlers journey. The buttes, mesa’s, castle, spires jutting up out of the prairie lands. The beauty they saw was in stark contrast from the small towns and cities where they began their journey.


The daily anticipation and explorers curiosity of seeing something new they had never seen before is also what drove them to continue. What is incredible is the migrants settlers had yet to gaze upon what was later to be known as the Rocky Mountains.



So, if you have an explorers curiosity, set your travle plans to explore all of what the US National Parks provide, and always take the back roads to explore the interesting people of this great land.

“Funny Dilemma.”



The church elders had a horrible dilemma as hundreds of parishioners gathered for the viewing and funeral of 66-year-old Francine “Fanny” Fitzgerald, a member of the church for 66 years, however, she was not inside the coffin.

When Deacon, Saint explained to Minister Paul, their dilemma. The looks of shock settled over his face. After calling the mortuary to confirm, they delivered Mrs. Fitzgerald at 8:00 am, it was discovered Decon Joseph signed for her.

The mortuary did search their building and could not find any extra bodies and they had not cremated anyone since Mrs. Fitzgerald’s arrival.

Suddenly Deacon Joseph, stepped inside the minister’s office. Mrs. Fitzgerald’s sister Mildred Flanders what to open the casket, is it ok to start the viewing?
Deacon Saint and Minister Paul looked asked Deacon Joseph, did he look inside the coffin when it arrived. Deacon Joseph responded, oh yes I did. I may add that Sister Fitzgerald looked so beautiful.

A piercing scream could he heard coming from the sanctuary, followed by further screaming as the men ran to the sanctuary.

When they entered, they noticed several parishioners who fainted and were laying on the floor. Many people were rushing to see the empty coffin, as Mrs. Fitzgerald’s sister, 62-year-old Mildred Flanders, held in between her thumb and forefinger in each hand what looked like 3 to 4-inch white curved ceramic or porcelain horns with red smudges on the ends.

With a menacing and stern face, she yelled at Minister, Paul.

I told you she was the devil!.

Minister, Paul asked, are those devil horns?

Deacon Saint, Yes, but we don’t have a body

Deacon Joseph, Since I signed for her, am I responsible?

Mildred Flanders drops the horns inside the coffin, looks at Deacon Joseph, you are not liable, its the devil’s dilemma, then turns to everyone and said “no funeral today” and walked out of the church stepping over bodies as she exited.

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Panic is an extream emotional state of fear, anxiety, causing wildly unthinking behavior.

Panic is what I felt.

Panic is what I saw in my daughter’s eyes.

Panic’s uncontrollable fear and agitation caused me to destroy some furniture when I opened a box marked maple syrup to find a twelve-foot anaconda snake coiled up inside.

Panic is what my daughter eyes displays, when, she realized I found her pet snake as we were gathering her personal belongings from her dorm room to take back home for the summer.

Panic and horror are what my daughter’s face reveals as I threw the box marked maple syrup, with a 12-foot Anaconda snake inside, threw her fifth floor closed dorm room window.

Panic is standing at a dorm window, with my daughter next to me screaming in horror as the box hurtles five floors to the courtyard below filled with college students and exploding on impact.

True, panic is when you see the 12-foot Anaconda snake slither past screaming college students who gathered around a box marked maple syrup.

I was no longer panicked, as my daughter stared at me for a moment. Then, she really panicked, running out of the dorm room yelling “Maple Syrup,” “Maple Syrup.”


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The ACME Ladder Corporation recognized their oldest employee Oscar Stephenson’s 43 years of service and his retirement to become official at the close of business with a retirement party.

After several speakers including the corporation’s president, his immediate supervisor and his only child, son Charley.

Oscar Stephenson stood up and limped to the podium to give the following speech.

When I woke this morning, I realized I would retire at the close of business today, at 5:00 pm. I jumped out of bed for joy fracturing my right toe when I landed.

I began working here during my junior and senior year of high school before ACME bought the company, so, yes I have worked here for 45-years.

I started working in the mailroom, climbing the corporate ladder to lead & manage corporate security. I have experienced 7-corporate presidents, 15- direct supervisors, 3-wives, two affairs, and one child.

I had survived testicular cancer, suffered the passing of 3-gallstones the size of a quarter, two ulcers, and a fractured right toe from this morning.

It is now 5:01 pm as I stand here and look out among the hundreds of people who came to help me celebrate my retirement. I want to say thank you all for coming.

Now take this job and shove it.

Oscar pushes over the podium and limps off the stage, to a generous thunderous applause!

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Living a clothing stylish life has been a part of who I am since, my teenage years. I wore creased pants, pressed shirts, starched jean pants, stylish dress shirts with matching tie clips and cufflinks for church.


However, since retirement, I gave up that luxurious lifestyle to become a certified Florida Beach Bum. I would weare my beach-bum stylish Nike, dry-fit shorts, t-shirts, cap, with flip flops or tennis shoes. With an assortment of colors. I loved my style beach style, and I wore it proudly.


Since I began my nomadic adventure, I have transitioned away from the Beach-Bum Lifestyle. Recently my beach bum certification was revoked when I purchased my first pair of convertible men’s cargo hiking pants. If you are wondering what convertible hiking pants are, I will define. The hiking pants have a zipper that separates the lower leg above the knee.


After this past weekends hkes in the Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake City, I will be applying to become a stylish hiking-bum. So, hopefully, my hiking -bum certification will become finished by Thanksgiving.

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The sounds of silence typically heard during a hike, are footsteps impacting the earth, the rustling of leaves in the trees, along with the birds singing.

However, my recent visit to the Agate Fossil Bed National Monument near Harrison Nebraska.

I noticed the wind stopped blowing, the leaves stopped rustling, and the tall grasses stopped swaying.

I recognized no sounds at all on the Panhandle Plains in Western Nebraska.

Soon an uneasy, nervous feeling began stirring within me. Slowly, I relaxed to sense Mother Natures sounds of silence.

A feeling so unreal, yet, calmly relaxing.

“Silencing my soul.”

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As a young Boy Scout, I hiked and camped a lot which is my outdoors foundation that lives on within me to this day. I now intermix photography, some video and take moments to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

I have recently hiked several trails in the Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake City Utah between 7000 t0 8000 feet. The sites along the trails can take your breath away.


I love to hike and over time I will increase my distance to include backpacking overnights possibly in Zion National Park in Southern Utah.




Passion and love are intertwined around the roots of commitment.

Commitment is the prehistoric Red Wood Tree with roots mixed with love and passion.

So, when your passionate desires are rooted in a deep love, your dreams and aspirations will come to fruition providing you with a long enjoyable life.

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Writing is an important aspect of my life, yet it is only a part of who I am.

Reading has been a stalwart for my writing but as of late, reading has received less attention and feels neglected. I sorry, reading, so please accept my apology?

Photography, hiking and bicycling has increased, becoming an active part of our life.

So, individually, writing, reading, photography, hiking and bicycling are activities we all love. Each independently builds confidence, when shared together, we are stronger and equally satisfied.

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Sharing the Load

Goals shared makes for a unique and loving experience that last a lifetime.🙂




Thanks for stopping by.  I hope that you enjoy your visit.


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Capturing photographs of reflections on a lake is what sprung my amateur photographers imagination.


Since the early morning bicycle rides into Lakes Regional Park in Lee, Co, Fl.


I have been successful capturing photos of incredible mirror reflections that once revealed on my computer screen overwhelm my eyes.


Here are recent photos from Nebraska, and Utah’s Wasatch Mountains.


WordPress photo challenge

The quote is from A simple Farm Girl Pinterest site.




The tone of words are interpreted by those listening.

Dreams, hopes, and beliefs are broken with words.

The egos of humans are broken with words.

Words can divide to harm many.

Fragile is what we all are.

Fall Migration~

Within the week, I will mosey along the traveled roadway to escape the cold, crisp mornings.🙂

It is sad when the summer orioles,
fly off to their winter homes.

No more sunny day squabbles,
and birdie bickering.

When the last baby bird has finally fledged,

and flutterbyes have fluttered off,

when grosbeaks are gone,
and only hand-feeding-hummers,
and winter birds stay, it is time for us to fly away too.
We are off to spend time with Canadian grizzlies and send you cheers from your Holler summertime friends~

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“Perplexed, zing.”


It is early in the morning a half hour before the sunrises as I walk along a hiking trail to capture photos of mother nature, starting her day. This September morning, the weather is cold and crisp with the brightening sky glowing with streams of light from behind the mountains. My senses are heightened listening to the quiet wrestle of leaves above in the trees, with only my footsteps breaking the silence of the trail.

My eyes capture the sudden movement on my left, I stop in stride to confirm or determine what moved. I was perplexed as I watched the head of a little chipmunk peer from behind a large rock.

A moment later he zinged across the trail and into the grass and zinged back but stopped in the center of the trail less than ten feet from me.

He stared at me, and I at him. The stare down continued for twenty to forty seconds when he bent down grabbing something to eat, and I reached for my camera to capture the moment.

Perplexed are what animals appear when we humans are on the hiking trail during the early morning. Some zing away, and sometimes they stare in amazement.

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The daily word prompts ignite my imagination of times in my life.

The word “stump” has me reflecting on the stump-grinder, I rented to remove two tree stumps from my front yard several years ago. After I returned the rented machine, I can honestly say, I should have paid someone because of my wrist, elbows, shoulders, and chest ached for several days. I felt like I had worked out with free weights on my upper body every day for a week.

The word stump calls to mind my recent September tour of Carhenge in Alliance Nebraska.
Carhenge is a replica of England’s Stonehenge, but located near the city of Alliance, Nebraska, in the High Plains region of the United States..

Carhenge is created and designed by Jim Reinders utilizing older American cars buried in the ground and stacked on top of one another in similar design to Stonehenge in England.


Jim Reinders was inspired by the prehistoric monument when he lived & studied in England. When he returned to Alliance, he developed the design idea to honor to his father. Originally completed and dedicated the local government was not pleased. But the idea survived, and the cars were painted gray, and dedicated June 1987 during the summer solstice day.


The original Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England, 2 miles west of Amesbury and 8 miles north of Salisbury and thousands of miles away from Alliance Nebraska.


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Radical Moose Encounter


What would be the radical experiences to capture morning photos of the sunrise at a place called Silver Lake at Brighton Utah, 8000 feet above sea level?

I never thought the term wildlife and landscape photographer would describe me but after an encounter with a young bull moose. I can say it applies.

As I stood with a jacket, cap, long pants, hiking boots and no gloves holding on to my monopod attached to my 35 mm camera, my first radical dilemma was overcoming the 31-degrees temperature, my hands had not experienced in five or more years.


The beauty of the surrounding mountains was incredible as the sun began to shine on the mountain tops. Luckily I was able to photograph a young bull moose and its mate, a young cow.


I took the trail around Silver Lake to get a better photo since I was about a tenth of a mile away. As I began along the trail, I could see the cow starting to swim across the lake.


I stopped at a floating dock when the young bull moose started following across also. In my excitement to capture photos and video, I captured the following photos from a floating dock in the lake twenty yards from shore.


The young bull moose swimming across the lake was thirty yards from the dock.

Because of my years of tactical training, I was aware my photo opportunity location was not secure if the moose exited the water and began walking along the trail in my direction and my only escape path away, was from the floating dock back to the hiking path.

I walk out to the path to a more secure location behind a tree, to capture the moose walk across the hiking trail.

The assumption, of the moose crossing over the path, was the fatal flaw in my decision as I stood behind cover and concealment, a tree large enough to stop his advance with his large antlers.

However, as the moose emerged from the water, he stepped onto the trail and began walking towards me.


Now, my adventurous spirit to capture the photo was quickly overridden by the tactical wisdom of a mature adult to get to a location, anywhere other than the twenty yards separating us.


I took two photos because I thought three would be like a strike out if he closed the distance on me as I walked away quickly, quietly in hurried steps.


Walking away, I looked for large trees to hide behind if he began to follow. Every tree along the trail was, too small in diameter, and the largest tree was laying on the ground dead.
Now the thought “dead” crossed my mind causing me to hurry even more when I came across mature women walking in the opposite direction.

I told her of my encounter, and she explained she lived in the area and was aware of the young moose and his mate. As I walked away, my thoughts of knowing she wore tennis shoes and seemed fit enough to dodge the young moose if he came at her made me feel slightly better as continued.

I also considered her as a barrier between the moose and me if he was walking along the trail. I quickly thought I need only to outrun her, with fear in my hiking boots, I was confident, I could.

I came across another morning photographer who witnessed me from his position and was happy to know I was ok.

After we had talked, I became concerned for the woman, and I wanted to know where the young moose went? So, hoping to get some more photos. Yes, I started back along the trail when I came upon the woman standing off to the side of the trail in the trees attempting to see the moose herself.

As we talked, she explained she had seen the couple many times before, and the location we were standing was where they sometimes laid during the night. Now, her last statement caused me to reconsider my place and move to another.

I thought of how radical my thoughts were to capture the photo of a young bull moose standing less than twenty yards from me on my first morning at Silver Lake.

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During the funeral of my great uncle, Joshua, the brother of my great grandfather, I began thinking about all my blessings. I also thought of the past forty-eight hours starting with the birth of my brother’s son, Jerimiah, who was born Friday evening just before midnight.

Because of great uncle Joshua funeral, many family and friends arrived at the hospital giving the feel of a mini family reunion.

Many family members at the hospital were in town for the 12:00 pm Saturday wedding of my first cousin Jennifer to her fiance of three months.

After Jennifer’s wedding and reception dinner, I left to travel across town for a 6:00 pm wedding, with my boss Janice Wilmington and her husband, celebrating 50 years with a marriage vow renewal ceremony.
The reception lasted until 1:00 am with lots of dancing and lots of liquor.

I returned to my apartment at 2:00 am, to settled in for sleep until my telephone rang at 8:00 am. It was Jacqueline, my best friend, and hopefully, future wife. She was very sick and believed her gallbladder was causing her some problems.

I drove to her apartment and collected her by carrying her to my car and taking her to the hospital. Within an hour she was diagnosed and needed emergency surgery. I waited for her to come out of surgery by 2:00 pm and when she woke by 3:00 pm, she would be ok and would spend the night.

She begged for me to attend my great uncle’s funeral, which I did, and here I sit thinking about my blessings, my family, and friends.

However, after the last 48-hours, I need a recharge after the birth of a nephew, two weddings, an emergency hospital visit and a funeral.

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Since the 18th century the invention of the sandwich, named after English Aristocrat John Montauge the 4th Earl of Sandwich, humanity has made every type or variation of the sandwich.

As a child growing up in the US Midwest, where the phrase anything between two pieces of bread is considered a sandwich, and I mean anything.:-)

I remember days of eating mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, jelly, peanut butter, and my favorite sliced banana sandwiches.

In my college days, I made sandwiches, separately with every type of lunch meat, pork, beef, chicken, and Cornish game hens.

In the military, I enjoyed pizza sandwiches, gator sandwiches, rattlesnake, lamb, and goat sandwiches. I had a friend place fired insects between two slices of bread and eat them. I passed on the bug sandwiches.

As an older, wiser, adult, I do not eat meat anymore, but, my desire to eat a sandwich has evolved to become my toasted morning breakfast sandwich.

I start with wheat bread filled with, spinach, arugula, tomatoes, red onions, black olive slices, sliced banana peppers, with a slice of Provolone cheese, balsamic vinegar, light olive oil, salt, and pepper.

My lunchtime sandwich has become a rye bread veggie sub filled with the earlier breakfast veggies, except I add sliced garlic & sliced jalapeno peppers. The spiciness is incredible.

My dinner salad sandwich is usually two slices of oat, bread, with spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, radishes, a splash of balsamic vinegar, a little light olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Grilled onions and garlic with sauteed, shrimp are the side dish, for my dinner sandwich.

There are many other vegetables I’m willing to try, so I foresee a future of ever evolving variations of my veggie sandwich, with fish and seafood.

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Over the past 100-hundred years, clothing styles for male & females have changed with each generation.

The word elegant has been used to describe clothing of our past and some individual instances elegant is used to describe clothing worn by celebrities at formal events.

Elegant is the term I use when describing the clothing during the 70’s & the 80’s.
However, the 70’s polyester leisure suit was an experimental invention by chemical engineering students, who consume too much cocaine, blotter acid, and marijuana, on a Saturday afternoon.

In the coming 30, 50, or 100 years into our future, will the word elegant describe the clothing of today?

Honestly, I don’t think elegant will be a word used to describe the current modern cultural styles of today.

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In college, there were weekends when many in my dorm would venture out to the lake near the university for a keg party.

I reluctantly attended hoping to leave after an hour to return to my room to study some world history.

It was a warm evening when I met a beautiful girl named Saundra, Thompson, standing next to her telescope. She was an astronomy graduate student viewing the twinkling stars above through a telescope she set up. I was intrigued by the telescope and her smile.
For the next two hours, we discussed our professors, classes, and mostly astronomy.

After four beers, we both felt sleepy, so we laid on a blanket she brought, and I never wanted to stop talking with her.

Several hours later, I was awakened with twinkles of light, shining into my squinting eyes. For some reason, I imagined I was looking through Saundra’s telescope and seeing the stars above.

However, after I heard someone ask, is he ok? I opened my eyes wider to see Saundra and several people standing over me.
I apparently passed out and was embarrassed when I realized drinking four or five beers on an empty stomach is not recommended when attending a keg party at the lake.

Saundra and I dated for two years before we married and started our family, of three boys and two girls. After thirty-nine years of marriage, she is still the twinkle in my eyes.

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Commercial advertising is a powerful medium with jingles that can synch into the mental psyche forever. For me, the word “plop,” has always been associated with the Alka-Seltzer commercials dating back to the 1950’s through the late 2000’s.


The sound or use the word “plop” triggers instant memories of some of the most iconic jingles and characters like it was moments ago.

YouTube videos depicting the product jingles consumed an hour of my day reliving and viewing several decades of Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh, what a relief it is.

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh, what a relief it is.

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Larry and Betty’s Monarch Adventure

Great blog posting especially the name given to the beautiful Monarch butterfly, “Marty.”

lifelessons - a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

I just have to share this email I got from my friends Larry Kolczak and Betty Peterson in Ajijic, Mexico. I published photos of one of these caterpillars a few weeks ago.  Here is the end of the story, told by Larry:

Since we live only a few hour’s drive from the mountains in Central Mexico where the Monarch butterflies from Eastern Canada and the U.S. migrate to spend the winter, we figured we’d better give them a helping hand by planting some milkweed in our garden. It is actually a more attractive plant than I imagined. And, it is the only plant on which Monarch butterflies lay their eggs.

After just a week or two, Monarch’s found our plants and began laying their tiny white pearl-like eggs. Here is one right where the sunlit and shadowed parts of the leaf meet.monarch-02
The eggs hatch about 4 days later. This…

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Sidewalks are the essential life blood of neighborhoods, and big cities.

They suffer daily abuse from dirty feet, soiled shoes, muddy boots, canes, and wheels of every sort. Tree roots growing up from beneath, to spread and separate even concrete lines.

Sidewalks are exposed to the worst of every form of inclement weather including salt, and shovel scrapes in the winter.

The constant blistering heat of the summer sun. The driving rain from a hailstorm pelting and chipping its skin whether concrete or asphalt.

We can all appreciate the evolution and invention of sidewalks, because, wet, muddy shoes, dusty pant legs, and dress bottoms, are not appropriate or appreciated.

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Melody yes, Sing No!



Everyone may not be able to sing with the voice of their favorite or greatest singers, but everyone can hum the melodies. You know the melodies of your favorite songs, and sometimes you may not know the words, but you have the timing.

With the invention of the karaoke machines, many wannabe singers discover the real lyrics when they are displayed on a screen to view.

The invention of the karaoke machine allowing the person only to hum the melodies would be a sure hit.
Yeah, I know the words are important, but the audience would be spared the horror of listening to someone intoxicated attempting to sing the lyric to many classic standards like Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.” & the Beatles “Hey Jude.”

YouTubes has many people attempting to sing using a karaoke machine, and if you click on the links, your ears will appreciate the original song and just sing the melody.

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During the winter month’s my mother always dressed me warmly with a thick heavy coat, gloves, knit cap and a pair of rubber boots for snow.

On a cold winter snowy afternoon, my mom recognized I was playing in the snow with one rubber boot on my right foot. I didn’t recognize the missing left boot until she yelled from the rear deck for me to look for the missing boot.

For a short time, I looked for the missing boot and did not find it. But, knowing I would get a scolding if I stayed outside with only a dark green sock on, I did what any young child would do. I went into the house found my tennis shoes and put my left tennis shoe on and returned to the backyard to play in the snow.

What happened next, is something I can remember to this day.

When my mother noticed me playing in the snow with a rubber boot on my right foot and a tennis shoe on the left, she yelled with authority for me to return to the house. Her statement was straightforward and understandable, “Get you little behind in here.” I received that scolding I was trying to avoid all because I had a snow filled wet tennis shoe & sock. I thought to myself.🙂

Her final statement made me angry when she said, “your day of play was over.” I never considered how cold I was until I took my first sip hot tomato soup with crackers. As the hot soup warmed my insides, I began to shiver, and my mother brought me a blanket to wrap around me to keep warm.

Ever since that day, cold weather has never bothered me because I have worn shoes that keep my feet warm and dry to prevent me from shivering.

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Featured Image -- 10993

Is There Life on Mars?

This is a great travel blog site with incredible photos of adventurous travel dogs!🙂


Day 6

Starting mileage: 3726.7

It was still raining when we woke up and even though the dogs are delicate and made of sugar, they wanted a quick walk despite the risk of them melting.  And then we continued the search for Ted’s Tacos from the previous night.  Now even though I had the exact address, my map was determined to send me somewhere weird.  I was about to make the U-turn it told me to when I looked up and…oh there it is.  When the crew from “Feasting on Asphalt” came here, they had fry bread and all kinds of tacos.  For some reason my stomach wasn’t up to that so early in the morning.  However the breakfast burrito kept calling out to me.  Wow.  Another must have if you’re in the area: a tortilla wrapped around bacon and egg and cheese and green chili and tater tots!  I…

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